On Weight Loss Program? Enjoy These Healthy Snacks

Are you strictly following your weight loss program, but still crave for an unhealthy snack? If you feel guilty because you can’t resist the temptation of munching those unhealthy snacks, then you need not feel bad about it anymore. There are some healthy snacks, which you can eat when you feel the craving for having some snacks and stay healthy and stick to your weight loss program.

Mixed nuts: If you feel to eat something and heading to munch something unhealthy, then you can eat the mixed nuts. Nuts are very good for health if consumed in a controlled manner. Besides, they are filling and full of protein and fiber as well. Apart from weight loss, they are good for controlling your cholesterol and reducing the chances of heart-stroke as well. So, if you are craving for a snack, then eat these healthy nuts and stay fit.

Roasted chana: Roasted chana is very good for health. Instead of having a packet of chips, eat 100 grams chana, which is healthier for your body. You can easily get these roasted chanas anywhere. Replace your packet of chips with these healthy chanas and stay fit. It will give you instant energy. A cup of roasted chana contains the good amount of protein, fiber, minerals, etc. You can make them yummy by adding some salt and pepper in it.

Banana: As a snack, you can have a banana with cornflakes or with peanut butter as well. This is a very healthy and fulfilling combination. A banana gives you enough energy to stay energetic throughout the day. If you add cornflakes in it, you can make it crunchier for your munching and a tablespoon of peanut butter will make it rich in protein as well. So enjoy your banana with a twist.

Soups: If you have easy access to hot water and microwave, then you can enjoy a healthy cup of soup whenever you crave for snacks. These soups are not only healthy but good for your body as well. During winter they keep you warm and gives you energy. So, enjoy your cup of soup and avoid unhealthy snacks.

Protein bars: These protein bars are good option to enjoy as a snack. They are easily available and easy to carry in your bag as well. But, always ensure that you don’t end up eating more and increase your weight. Always try to have a protein bar with less than 300 calories in a day. These protein bars are a good source of instant energy, whenever you feel a low energy you can switch to these protein bars.

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