Want To Stay Healthy? Try 8 Indian Breakfasts To Stay Fit

Staying fit and eating healthy doesn’t mean that you are always supposed to eat fruits, fresh vegetables and eat something nutritious, but boring. You can give your meal the much-required punch of taste with nutrition. You can try various Indian breakfasts that are rich with healthy nutrition and yummy as well.It is not that tough to tweak the regular breakfast recipes and make them yummy and good for your tummy. Here, we are sharing some Indian breakfast recipes with twist and punch of health.

Vegetable dalia: Dalia is one of the most-loved and healthy Indian breakfast. It is very good if you are aiming for weight loss. You can make little changes in your regular dalia and make it vegetable rich and healthy. It is a great option to try in winter when you want something healthy and hot in the morning. You can add any vegetable you want in your dalia and enjoy notorious and healthy vegetable dalia.

Upma: This south Indian breakfast is another good option to try this winter, if you want to eat something healthy, but tasty. It is made of semolina and provides you enough energy to stay energetic throughout the day. You can add peanuts, peas, beans, potato and even fruits in upma. You can enjoy it with a glass of fresh juice or you can have it with sambhar as well the traditional way. Don’t forget to add the curry leaves to increase the taste of your upma.

Thepla: Thepla is one of the most-loved Gujarati breakfast and one of the healthiest breakfast option. It is rich with vitamins and nutrients. It is usually made with wheat flour, fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves and pinch of turmeric powder. It is a good option to try during winter and for those who crave for paratha. As this is healthier compared to paratha.

Sprouts salad: The list of healthy breakfast is incomplete without mentioning this super food. Sprouts are another good option to have as breakfast. To make it tasty you can add boiled potato, onion, cucumber, tomato and other fruits in it. You can also add boiled egg in it to make healthier if you want. This is the excellent choice for breakfast if you are craving for something tasty.

Poha: This is one of the most-favorite breakfasts of Maharashtra and it is rich in carbs, proteins, fiber and fats. You can add peanuts and other fruits to it to make it yummy and healthier. If you are aiming for weight loss, try this perfect option.

Paneer Bhurji: For all vegetable lovers this is one of the most loved foods. It is full of protein and nutrition. While making your paneer bhurji, you can add all vegetables you love in it. You can have this paneer bhurji with roti or paratha. Having this in brunch will help you to stay fuller for a longer period of time.

Palak poori with aloo: Give your poori the twist of health by adding palak in it. Add spinach to your regular poori. Spinach will bring in fiber factor and potatoes and complex carbs, which are good for weight loss.

Vegetable omelet: Eggs are the super food and rich in protein and nutrition. You can add the vegetable like onion, tomatoes, capsicums, beans, and spinach in your omelet. So, if you are bored with the regular breakfast, then you can add a lot of vegetables in your omelet and enjoy vegetable rich breakfast.


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