Want Perfect Pout? Follow These Lipstick Rules

Lustrous and beautiful lips can add a lot to your overall beauty and looks. Lipstick is an essential thing while you wear your make-up. Your makeup is incomplete without the perfect lip color. Be it red, pink, brown or any other shade of lipstick, getting that perfect pout is more about you wear your lip color perfectly. If you also want your lipstick shade will last throughout the day and you will look perfect with your favorite lip color, then there are some small rules that you should follow to get the perfect pout.

Take care of your lips: To get the perfect pout it is the basic rule and essential that you take care of your lips well. Chapped and cracked lips make your lipstick unattractive. Therefore, it is very important that you take care of your lips well and exfoliate your lips before you apply any lipstick.

Moisturize your lips: Dry and chapped lips collect more lipstick and lip color and give an uneven and patchy finish. To get the perfect finish of your lipstick, it is important that you moisturize your lips regularly. Before applying any lipstick, ensure that you use any good lip balm or lip cream to moisturize them.

Use tip liner: Before applying any lipstick or lip color to get the perfect shape, use a lip liner or lips pencil. Avoid applying lipstick directly. Always apply a good lip liner before applying the lipstick to give your lips the perfect shape. Besides, a lip liner will create a barrier and wouldn’t let your lipstick smear from the edges.

Buy lipstick with moisturizer: Before buying the lipstick, always ensure that you buy a lipstick with right blend of moisturizer of essential oil/cream. The lipstick with cream will make your lips supple and soft. Besides, it will also give a perfect finish to your lipstick.

Buy the perfect color: Before buying the lipstick always test the color. Test the lipstick color on your hand before you buy the color. The color, which looks bright on your hand, will look good on your face. The color that looks dull on your hand will not suit you.

Apply lipstick perfectly: When you apply your lipstick always ensure to apply it in the right manner. Never apply your lipstick from the center of your lips. Apply your lipstick from the corner and then drag it to the center. Once you are done with the first coat, use a tissue paper to remove the extra lip color, now apply the second coat of the lipstick to get the long-lasting color.

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