Want To Know About Floral Jewelry? One-Stop Guide For Floral Jewelry

For your wedding, you make a lot of plans and want to look stunning not only on your wedding day but on pre- and –post wedding functions as well. Wearing similar kind of gold, diamond or Kundan jewelry on all the functions could be quite boring. To bring some twist in the jewelry and make it funky and chick you can go with flora jewelry on your Mehendi ceremony or any other important function. If you are also experimental with your looks and want to try something different, trendy on your marriage functions, wearing floral jewelry could be a great option. Here, we are sharing some important things about floral jewelry, so you will not go wrong with your floral jewelry on your marriage function.

Perfect type of flower: For your floral jewelry go for the perfect flower. While choosing the colors and shades for the floral jewelry always keep your dress in mind. Another thing that you should keep in mind is kind of flower you are choosing for the jewelry. Always go for smaller flowers instead of bigger flowers. You can choose roses, carnations, orchids, jasmine, and tuberoses.

Longevity of jewelry: To look fresh and good with your floral jewelry, ensure jewelry should also look fresh. It is always better to receive the jewelry a few hours before your function to keep it fresh. Else, if you get it much before your function, then ensure that you are keeping them in the refrigerator. Always ensure that you are ordering this jewelry from the nearby shop, so it will not get stale.

Maangtika: You can order maangtika in your flower jewelry. It will complete your overall look and you will look gorgeous in it. You can go for tuberoses flowers for the part of the chain and for the centerpiece you can you can ask for some bigger flowers like roses or carnations.

Different ornaments: You can go for the complete set of ornaments in floral jewelry. You can order earrings, bangles, necklace and waist chain as well. Besides, you can go for some floral anklet and bajuband if you wish.

Go for combination of flowers: While choosing your flower jewelry always use the combination of flowers. Always add at least two types of flowers in your floral jewelry to make the style statement. One type of flowers will not be able to give that desired looks.

Ask for some samples: Before finalizing the design, always ask for some samples. It is always better to see the sample work before making a booking. If you think that it is not looking good, then at least there is a scope to go for changes before you get the final pieces.

Don’t forget to negotiate: This is the key to get your floral jewelry at a decent price. Whenever you are booking your jewelry, before booking always try and visit two-three shops/vendors to get the actual price. Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price to get some discounts.

Don’t forget to make the remarks: While making your online booking or personal booking don’t forget to make remarks about the delivery time and freshness of flowers to get the best jewelry. Time is very important for the long life and freshness of floral jewelry. If you get it delivered too early or too late it will spoil the fun. So, always ensure to mention the right time in your booking.

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