Are You Victim Of Domestic Abuse? 4 Kinds Of Domestic Abuse

When you heard the word ” Domestic Violence” what comes to your mind first? Which kind of picture do you draw in your mind? Generally, most of us relate domestic abuse with husband hitting the wife, beating her black and blue and torturing her like anything. But, that’s not the only domestic abuse, which females face and become a victim of being at home. Most of us are not even aware of other domestic abuses, who are equally harmful and painful for the one, who is bearing them. However, some of them are not as direct and as hurting someone physically, but they hurt you emotionally and in other ways. To make you aware of these domestic abuses and to protect you from being victimized, we are here sharing the four different types of domestic abuses.

Financial abuse: Controlling all the financial decisions and all decision-making authorities without the consent of the partner. This financial abuse can be carried out in different forms like not giving financial authority to the partner, controlling their bank accounts and other financial assets, not giving them any freedom to use the money according to their wishes, asking them to transfer all money to their account and signing some contract or loan papers against their wishes. So, it could be any form. If you are also facing any of them, then it is a kind of alarming signal for you. Giving the authority to your partner to manage funds willing is a different thing and doing this under pressure is kind of economic abuse.

Emotional or psychological abuse: If your partner is insulting you publically and doing it too frequently, humiliating, yelling, ignoring or isolating you, then you are facing emotional abuse. This is the way of affecting you mentally and making you weak emotionally. Threatening you or excluding you from some important events and other things is again a kind of emotional abuse.

Physical abuse: This is one of the most common and acknowledged forms of abuses. In this form of abuse, your partner hurt you physically and cause potential cause by harming you. It could be in any form like beating you, throwing some object at you, hurting you with a knife or with any harmful object, burning, scratching, nailing or doing something that hurts you physically. This type of abuse starts with small things like slapping or pushing the other one and then gradually become serious.

Sexual abuse: This is something when unwanted sexual activity is done forcibly, threatening, doing sexual activities without the consent of your partner. Or any other acts which hurt the partner sexually or forcing them to get involved sexually with other for their individual benefits/interests.

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