Some Vegetables You should Never Eat Raw

Generally, we have heard many times that you should not cook vegetables and fruits for a longer time to get more nutrients from them. Rather, eat them raw to get more nutrients. There are many vegetables, which are good for you if you eat them raw. But, there are vegetables, which you should not consume raw. The main factors behind this nutrients and minerals found in those specific vegetables and fruits. If you are also confused which vegetables and fruits should be consumed raw and which you should eat cooked, there are some name of fruits and vegetables to make your choice easier.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are very good for your health as they are rich in various nutrients and antioxidants. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and other important nutrients, which are better consumed cooked than raw When you cook tomatoes, the absorption of lycopene increase and it becomes healthier and comfortable for our body.

Potatoes: Potatoes are good for your health if you eat them cooked. If you try to eat raw potato, it will create irritation on your tongue. According to different research, if you cook potatoes their beta-carotene content increase, which is good for your health.

Carrots: When you cook carrots, it will also release beta-carotene in greater volume like potatoes. Beta-carotene converts to vitamin once you consume it. Generally, we love to eat carrots in our salads, you will get more nutrients if you will par-boil, blanch or saute it rather than eating it raw.

Cauliflower: Eating raw cauliflower is not actually good for your digestion and health. It is better to consume it after steaming it or make some curry with it rather than eating it raw. If you really want to get more nutrients from this vegetable then cook it before you consume it.

Spinach: It is one of the healthiest vegetable rich in various nutrients and minerals. But, it is not a wise idea to consume it raw or in salad form. If you want to get more nutrients from this healthiest vegetable, then it is better to cook it. It will give you more calcium, iron, magnesium once cooked. Even it gives you more antioxidants after cooking. So, enjoy your pakal paneer and other palak recipes to get more nutrients.

Broccoli: Like cauliflower, it is always better if you eat broccoli after cooking it. Saute or boil broccoli before you consume. Even if you are planning to add it to your salad still it is better if you saute or steam it to get more nutrients.

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