Some Useful Tips To Buy Perfect Wedding Shoe For Brides

On the long shopping list of your wedding, one important thing must be your wedding shoe. It is one of the most important accessories matching your wedding dress. Finding the perfect wedding footwear is as tricky and exciting as buying the wedding dress. You need to buy a wedding sandal which will complement your overall wedding look and goes well with your wedding dress. Buying a perfect wedding shoe is very important as you are supposed to wear that footwear for quite a long time. You should pay attention to the material, comfort and design as well. There are a few more things, which you should keep in mind while buying your wedding shoe.

Don’t buy too late: It is always good if you buy your wedding shoe well in advance. You should buy them at least one or two months in advance, so in case, you want to change it then you have enough time to do so. Try to buy it along with your wedding dress. When you finalize your wedding dress, try to complete your all accessories list as well. Starting early will also give you ample time to buy the perfect shoe according to your taste and matching to your dress as well.

Always buy two different pairs: For your wedding day, always buy two different pairs of wedding footwear. In case, if you feel uncomfortable in one pair of shoes or you get any shoe bite or something else, then at least you are ready with another pair of shoes for your wedding day. But, always ensure that the heels and style of the shoe should be different from other so that you will not face any problem. Try to buy one in heels and another one in semi-heels or low heels for a comfortable walk.

Do window shopping: Before you move out and buy your wedding shoe, it is always better to do some window shopping. Don’t shop on the first come first served basis. Explore different shops and try various designs and price as well before you finalize your wedding shoe. You can also do online window shopping before buying your sandals. It will also give you a fair idea about the different, latest designs and price range of wedding shoes.

Avoid buying online: However, online buying is easier option to explore and checking out different designs and get a feel what types of designs you will get in local stores. Your wedding footwear is a shoe, which you will wear for long hours. Therefore, buying it without trial is not logical.

Know your venue: Before buying your wedding sandal, it is important that you keep your venue in mind. Is your wedding venue a hall or a farmhouse, or a park or any banquet hall. If your wedding is any party hall, then there is no issue, you can buy heels of your choice, but if it is at some farmhouse or at any park, then it is better to avoid high heels as you are not aware of uneven passages in that ground. So, you need to look graceful during your wedding walk, so keep this thing in mind and select your heels.

Don’t forget to go for the trail: Don’t buy your bridal sandals without a trail. Take a small walk to feel the level of comfort. It is always better to try it twice before you make the final call. As you are going to wear it for quite a long-time, so a wedding footwear should be comfortable. If you are not comfortable in pencil heels, then it is not necessary to buy pencil heels because everyone else is buying it. You can go for block heels, platform heels or even flat footwear.

Not sure about colour: If you are not sure about the colour of your bridal footwear or you are confused between the dark or light shades. However, there are plenty of shades and colours available on the market. If you are not sure about going with the specific colour of your lehenga or wedding dress, then you can go with some traditional and evergreen colours like golden and silver. These two colour are evergreen and loved by maximum brides. If you have silver thread work on your wedding dress, then you can choose silver or if you have golden thread work, then you can opt for golden colour footwear if you don’t want to buy any particular colour.

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