Unconventional Wedding Lehenga Colors For Brides Who Want Something Hatke

No matter how much you love wearing one-piece dresses and gowns on the wedding of your cousins, but when it comes to your own wedding and your bridal dress, all girls settled down with a trendy gorgeous lehenga. Lehenga’s have always been the first choice of brides irrespective of the season and weather. Nowadays, the brides are very experimental with their looks and even with the colors of the lehengas. They don’t want to restrict their choices to two or three typical colors such as red, maroon or pink. They want to explore and experiment with different, unconventional and new shades for their lehenga. If you are also soon to be bride and still confused about which color you should pick for your wedding lehenga because you don’t want to go with typical old colors. Here, we are sharing some chick, trendy and unconventional wedding lehenga colors for your choice.

Blue: Blue color is not for men only. There are many females who are damn crazy about this royal color. If you are among those gorgeous beauties, then you can pick your bridal lehenga in this stunning color. You can mix this bold color with golden, maroon or silver. Besides, you can go for some more colorful combinations like pink, green and yellow as well to look stunning on your wedding day. Even you can also ask your man to wear a blue suit or sherwani to compliment each other.

Green: It might be there are many females who don’t want to wear green on their wedding day. But, this gorgeous color has made a comeback in the wedding fashion trends one again. But, if you are among those who want to go with this lively color, then this is the perfect pick for you. You can mix this lively and eye candy color with other bright colors like pink, orange, yellow, red, maroon, blue and many more. It is certainly cool, refreshing and different choice as well.

Custard color: This is very soothing and gorgeous colors for those who want to keep their wedding dress subtle. It is a perfect solution for all those who don’t want to wear something bold and over the top color on their wedding day. You can team up this stunning color with some dark and bright shades like orange, pink, red, green and blue. Enjoy your subtle lehenga with much vibrant color to look absolutely perfect on your wedding day.

Marsala: This bold color belongs to the family of red. If you don’t want to buy red, but still want to stick to something conventional yet trendy, this could be your perfect choice. As this color is very bright, bold and gorgeous, so you need not worry much about the color combinations and work as well. To look awesome in this trendy color, try your lehenga in some rich and nice fabric like velvet, satin or silk. It will be a perfect pick for your winter wedding.

Strawberry: If you are looking for a new shade of pink, then you can try this fabulous color for your wedding lehenga. This sweet and soothing color is the perfect pick for your winter wedding lehenga. It will look refreshing and unconventional at the same time. But, if you don’t want to go for solo shade, try some exciting combinations like blue, green, aqua, or something else.

Aquamarine: A wedding lehenga in this gorgeous unconventional color will make you no less than a diva. It is very soothing, fresh and different color. So, if you are looking for something different, but classic as well, then this will the perfect choice for you. It will surely make your wedding lehenga gorgeous. You can go for a solo aquamarine lehenga or you can also combine this bright color with other colors like silver, golden, pink and many more to make your style statement.

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