Top 8 Hit Iconic Movies Of Sridevi Which Made Her Superstar Of Bollywood

Sridevi doesn’t need any introduction, as she was one of the finest actresses of Bollywood, with extraordinary acting and dancing skills. She has done over 300 movies in her Bollywood career and established herself as one of the most successful actresses of Bollywood. She has mastered the art of acting and her comic timing was unmatched. She has done many serious and intense roles as well. Her recent movie ‘Mom’ did well at box office and fan will always remember her for her great acting skills and iconic performances. Let’s take a look at her top 8 hit movies, which made her queen of Bollywood and a real superstar.  

Mom (2017): In this movie, she played the role of Devki Sabarwal. She played the role of a mother, who could go to any extent to avenge her daughter. She was a caring and doting mother, who didn’t mind to sacrifice her own life for the sake of her daughter. She played a role of a mother who took revenge from the men who raped her teenage daughter and left her to die. It was an excellent movie and Sridevi was very convincing in the role of a mother.

English Vinglish (2012): It was a comeback movie of Sridevi after a very long gap of 15 years. Her performance in the movie was so powerful that she managed to woo the audience. She was so convincing in the role of homemaker who is also an entrepreneur. She made many people cry and smile with her acting in this movie. Her fans can’t forget this movie as she was so natural in that role that they could easily connect with that character.

Ladla (1994): This is one of the most strong characters she played in any movie. She was her fiery best in that movie with her iconic dialogue, “Understand? You better understand”. That was her statement dialogue in the movie. She played the role of a successful businesswoman, who was hungry for success and can’t accept her failure in any form. Anil Kapoor played the lead role against her in this movie and both were great in that movie. Her role starts with a person who was arrogant, fiery and confident, later on in the movie after getting married to Anil Kapoor she started seeing events and things differently. It was a must watch movies for all Sridevi fans.

Lamhe (1991): The movie was one of the classic movies of Bollywood and even underrated as well. She played a double role in this movie Pallavi and Pooja. Pallavi, an already engaged woman who was graceful and elegant. You can’t forget the melodious song “ Morni Baga Mein” of this movie. Later on in this movie, she played the role of Pooja, the orphan daughter. Sridevi has given one of the best performance of her career in this movie. A young girl who was madly in love with a man who was double of her age. She put her heart into this performance and her fans loved that movie. Though the concept was very different from typical movies of that time and there were many people who were not convinced of the concept of the movie.

Chaalbaaz (1989): In Pankaj Parashar’s comedy movie Chaalbaaz, she played the double role of twins separated at birth. She was a street-smart dancer and wanted to become a leading actress and dancer in the movie. Her comic timing in the movie as just perfect, which brought her great fame and recognition. Her fans still remember her performance in that movie. One side as a sweet, timid, and innocent girl and another is smart, intelligent, playful and charming young girl with ambitions and dreams.

Chandani (1989): This was one of the biggest hit movies of Bollywood, which gave new height to the career of Sridevi and made her the most-loved and favorite actress of Bollywood. The song of this movie, “ Mere Haathon Main” is still one of the most played songs at Indian wedding sangeet. Her expressions with her eyes in this movie were so perfect. You can’t take off your eyes from her in this movie even for a single second. This was one the classic movie of Yash Raj banners.

Mr. India (1987): The whole movie revolves around the lead actor Mr. India as the name suggests, but Sridevi’s role in this movie was quite pivotal to the concept. She played the role of a journalist in the movie, who was ambitious, courageous and always in the hunt for a scoop. She ends up saving the country from the bad man Mogambo with Anil Kapoor in this movie. Some of the scenes of the movie were so touching and emotional that tears just rolled down from your eyes. Her sensual performance in the song “Kaate Nahi Kat te” was mesmerizing.  

Sadma (1983): This was one of the most beautiful and excellent movies of Sridevi with Kamal Hassan. The movie was directed by Balu Mahendra who re-introduced Sridevi to the Hindi film audience. In this movie, she played the role of a girl who was suffering from amnesia and behaved like a kid of 8 years old child. Some of the scenes in the movie were so brilliant and touching that you just can’t stop your tears.

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