Tips To Choose The Perfect Earring For Your Face Type

As you know, a good haircut can make you look stunning, whereas a wrong haircut can make you look dull and unflattering. Similarly, if you want to look beautiful and gorgeous, then you should always pick the right earring according to your face. You should always consider your face shape in mind while choosing your earring, otherwise, by picking the wrong earring, you can terribly spoil your looks. Whether you accept it or not face shape plays a vital role when it comes to choosing the right earring. We are here sharing some important tips to choose the perfect earring according to your face type.

Round face: All lovely ladies with round face should buy long earrings with medium or very slim width. Such types of long earring will make your face look slimmer and angular. Ladies with round face should always avoid earrings with round shape or hoops as they will make your face look more round and broad.

Oval shape: Women with an oval face are blessed to choose any type of earrings. You have no problem in wearing any shape of earrings to look stunning. Therefore, you are free to experiment with as many types of earring designs and shapes as you want to. However, hoops will look stunning on your face.

Heart shape: If you have a heart-shaped face, then you can pick earrings with the little curves and moulds or you can also pick teardrop earrings to look gorgeous. Such type of earring will add more value to your style and beauty. Try to avoid earring with the triangular shape as it will make you look odd.

Square shape: Ladies with the square face should always choose earring medium to long tassel earring with angular edges. Besides, you can also pick the earrings with exaggerated shapes. Always try to pick your earring with edgy shapes which will help in making your face look a bit thin and soft. So, try to pick such earrings to naturalize your looks.

Narrow face: Females with the narrow face should always try to buy earring with short and round designs. You can buy round button shaped earrings to look gorgeous. Don’t buy danglers or big earrings as they will spoil your beauty and work as a distractor.

Diamond shape: Diamond faces look very beautiful and classy as they are the faces with extreme angles. As diamond shape face has narrow chin and forehead and wider cheeks, therefore, when it comes to earring you need balancing earrings. You can pick earrings with pearls, stones and diamonds to look gorgeous. Buy teardrop shape earring or small hoops to enhance your beauty.

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