Do You Think Love Marriage Is Better? Benefits Of Doing Love Marriage

Are you skeptical about tying the knot with your boyfriend? In India, when you say love marriage, it is something you are talking about some insane thing. But, actually, love marriage is not the that bad thing as most of the people assume. Moreover, there are many things which you find better or an advantage in love marriage. These days most of the youngsters want to go for love marriage instead of going for an arranged marriage. They prefer love marriage because their decision is based on many things like love for each-other, mutual understanding, respect, and above all their willingness to spend rest of their life together. In love marriage, both the partners take the pledge to stay together out of love and understanding, not because of any societal pressure. Here, we are sharing some benefits of doing love marriage.

You already know each other: This is one of the best things in love marriage that you know each other. You know each other’s temperament and behavior well. You will not face any problem in adjusting to each other after marriage. You need not worry about things like attitude, anger, and other things after marriage.

You choose your partner: You have chosen your partner and this is your decision to spend rest of your life with your partner. No one has forced this decision on you or you have not taken this decision under any circumstantial pressure. So, you are the one who has chosen your partner.

You have a better understanding: You already know each-other well as marriage is a very important decision and you can’t take it in a hurry. After spending a good time with each other and knowing and understanding everything well, then only you take such an important decision. Therefore, the level of understanding is better in love marriage as compared to arranged marriage.

Family ties: In an arranged marriage, your parents are more bothered about establishing the good relationship with another family instead of you. But, in love marriage, you first try to maintain a good and healthy relationship with the other family even before marriage as well. You try to become part of the new family even before marriage, so they will easily accept you after marriage and there will be no adjustment problems.

You are more compatible: You are more compatible as your relationship is based on love and understanding. Your educational level, professional background, thought process, attitude, and personality traits are more similar. You are more compatible with your relationship is not based on adjustments or on other’s decision, but it is based on love, understanding and mutual respect.

Less expensive: Love marriage is comparatively less expensive as compared to arranged marriage. You don’t bother about unnecessary show-off and expenses. You plan everything so well, smartly and systematically that you try to avoid all unnecessary expenses and other things in love marriage.

No Dowry drama: This is another great advantage of love marriage. Generally, in an arranged marriage, you are supposed to pay a good amount in marriage as dowry no matter you are educated or not or your family is well-settled or not, you have to maintain the status of the other family. But, in love marriage, there is no such dowry drama as both the family don’t expect this thing in marriage.  

You are in love: You are already in love with that person. You need not worry about the things like whether you will fall in love with that person after marriage. To enjoy a healthy and happy marriage there are a few basic things to enjoy it like mutual respect, love, trust, and loyalty. So, you need not worry about much of these as you are in love with that person.

Learn new culture: You learn a new culture and new things after marriage. You learn about new customs traditions and other things after marriage. You enjoy all new traditions as this is something new which you are learning and seeing very closely.

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