Things You Should Not Discuss With Your Spouse Just After Your Wedding

For a healthy and strong marriage, it is really important that it’s foundation should be strong. Your bond and understanding with your partner determine the future of your marriage as well as the level of relationship you will develop with your partner. As the time passes and you spend more and more time with your partner, you develop a level of understanding with your partner and your bond gets stronger day-by-day. For a healthy relationship, you need to communicate, be honest and loyal to the partner and above all you need to respect him/her as an individual. Your conversations with your partner can make your relationship and bond stronger and your conversations can create havoc in your relationship. Therefore, it is very important that you should be very cautious while discussing anything with your partner. Here, we are sharing a few things that you should not discuss with your partner just after your wedding.  

Expenses on the wedding: No doubt that money is a very important thing in life and you can’t ignore your expenses as well. But, discussing your wedding expenses with your partner just after your marriage is not the right thing. Discussing the amount you have spent on your wedding or how expensive arrangements your parents made, is something that you should avoid discussing with your partner just after your marriage.

How bad the relatives looked: When you are new in the family and you don’t have much information about the relatives and family members. It is always better to avoid discussing how bad or good somebody was looking at your wedding. You never know the closeness of your partner and his/her extended family with relatives and their involvement in the family. So, till the time you are not sure about the level of relationship of your spouse with their relatives, it is better to avoid this discussion.

Comparing your spouse with other couples: This is something you should always avoid. Never compare your partner and your life with someone else. Everyone has their own set of problems and own set of advantages. Therefore, it is not right to compare your partner with someone else. Comparing your partner with someone else will create problems and jealousy, so it is better to avoid this.

You need some time for yourself: You have just started your journey and this the time when you should be excited about new things in life. At this time, if you will ask for a break from your spouse, it will give them a feeling that you are not happy with this relationship. This is the time when you should spend more and more time with each other and enjoy every bit. If you are tensed or upset with something, then discuss it with your partner or with your parents instead of asking for time off from your spouse.

Criticizing your spouse’s friends: Your spouse’s friends are as dear and near as your own friends. Talking something bad about them or making fun of them might spoil the mood of your partner. It may be too early to make your opinion and judge the friends of your partner. It is better to avoid such kinds of discussion with your spouse just after your wedding. Take your sweet time to know them better and understand the level of bonding your partner shares with them before saying something about them.

Showing that you are too self-sufficient: Marriage is a team work, you can’t do all the things alone. To enjoy your marriage and this relationship, it is very important that you divide responsibilities. If you try to do everything on your own and never ask help from your partner, it will give him/her an impression that they are not needed. Avoiding their help or telling them all the time that you can do it on your own will give them your partner an impression that you really don’t need them in your life.

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