Style your beard, Take care of your beard in 5 simple ways

Beard look is very much in trend and most of the guys want to have a beard like Ranvir Singh and Shahid Kapoor. Most of the guys following the trend, but still not able to have groomed and stylish beard like these film stars. Do you also want to have a beard look, but never able to maintain it because of various skin problems and dandruff? You need not worry a lot. You can easily achieve that style and make your mark if you groom your beard a little. You need not invest too much time and money in it, but a little effort and help in making your own style statement. Here are five simple and easy tricks to groom your beard and make your style statement

Use lemon: If you are facing dandruff issue, then lemon can help you in this. Lemon can do wonders if you have dandruff flakes in your beard. The natural acids in lemons keep your skin dehydrated and control the fungus, which helps in preventing dandruff in bread. It is very simple to use. Squeeze a lemon into a cup of water and rinse your beard with it. Dandruff will automatically be removed and you will have a shiny and dandruff free beard.

Almond oil: Almond oil is very good for skin and hair. It is a magical natural product and good for skin. This is kind of one-stop solution for all your beard related problems. This is rich in vitamin E and non-greasy oil. So you can use this oil to groom your bread and give them nourishment. Besides, it can also help in curing your dandruff as well. So it is a kind of one-stop solution for all your bread related problems.

Use a good face wash: This is essential to use a good face wash and wash your face at least thrice with it. It will help in removing the dust and dirt from your beard and help in making it shiny. The dust and dirt can cause other skin problem as well. Therefore, wash your face at least twice or thrice in a day and ensure that there is no face wash remaining in the bread.

Use Aloe Vera gel: To make your beard shiny and glossy you can use Aloe Vera gel. If your beard is too hard, then it will be helpful in making it soft. Mix this gel with good a moisturizer. Aloe Vera is rich in antibacterial properties, so it will protect you from any kind of skin infection and other skin issues, besides, it will make your beard soft and lovable. Apply this Aloe Vera gel once in a day or before going to bed and wash your face next morning with the normal water. You can easily notice the results within a few days.

Buy soft comb: To set your beard and give them the right style, it is very important that you comb it well. Use a soft comb to style your beard. Instead of setting them with fingers, or patting your face with hands, use a soft comb. Always ensure that after washing your face you comb your beard to give them right style.

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