Are You Spoiling Your Professional Image? 6 Things Can Ruin Your Professional Image

Do you feel that your office colleagues don’t take you seriously? Do you think that they talk too much about you in your absence? There could be certain reasons and habit of yours,  which might be provoking them to talk about you or not to take you so seriously. It doesn’t matter how good you are with them or how long you have been working there, but a few of your habit could easily ruin your image among others. While working in any organization you should always pay attention to some basic things and etiquettes to maintain your good image. But, if you are constantly doing these six things, then you are surely spoiling your professional image. Here are the six things, which can easily ruin your professional image.

Unprofessional attitude: If you are among those who take deadlines and other instructions so casually and don’t bother much about achieving the targets, then there are chances that you are not in the good books of your bosses. Cribbing about work or panicking all the time before any new work has been assigned to you is also a negative thing. It gives a negative signal about your personality and ruins your image in office.

You always got late: Getting late occasionally or once in a blue moon can be easily accepted by your boss and your colleagues as well. But, if you are doing it on regular the basis and you always enter office late, then you must be the talk of the office. Reaching office late every day ruin your image and gives an indication that you are not serious about office decorum and norms. Therefore, it is always better to try to reach office on time and follow the basic rules of the office.

Your negative attitude: Do you all the time crib about work, bosses and other things at the office, then you are creating bad words for yourself as well. If you are all time talking about the wrong practices and negative things related to office, then you must be ruining your image and giving a signal that you are not happy with your work and with work as well and you are not that reliable. Rather than crying for the things, it is better you invest your energy in finding the solutions for your problems.

You do at your desk: Do you check your phone after every 20 seconds? Do you all the time busy in checking your social media profiles and reading the updates and messages of your friends? Do you apply makeup or file your nails at the workstation? If you are doing these things, then you are spoiling your image in office. Checking your phone too frequently and updating your social media accounts all the time is a sign that either you don’t have enough work or you are not bothered to do your assignment on time. You should always try to keep your personal and professional life different. So, if you are also doing the same, then you are unknowingly spoiling your professional image.

Chatting all the time: Talking with office colleagues during lunch breaks and tea breaks is good practice, but if you are all the time busy in talking with other colleagues and spending most of your time in chit-chat instead of doing your work, you are unknowingly spoiling your professional image. You are not only waiting your professional hours, but you are also wasting others important productive time.

Messy workstation: Do you leave your office workstation untidy and messy all the time? Do you forget to throw your rough papers, tissues, coffee glasses and other waste in the dustbin? Stop all this immediately! All these above things are really unprofessional and give a signal that you are not bothered about the basic hygiene. Always remember that you are working with other people in the office and this is not your bedroom or drawing room where you can throw anything and keep things untidy and messy. Nobody in office appreciates this kind of attitude.

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