Do You Know She Is Lying? 5 Lies All Women Always Tell To Their Men

Do you trust her? Do you trust what she told you? Do you believe that she shares everything with you without twisting the facts? If you think that your lady love never tells you a lie or she never hides anything from you, then you are absolutely wrong. There are many things about which your wife tries to hide from you or tells you a lie about that particular thing It is not that she wants to hurt you, but her intentions behind that must be not making you upset with the thing or avoiding any type of arguments. Even lies can make your relationship stronger if you tell them to protect your relationship. You will be surprised to know that there are some common lies, which almost all women tell to their husbands.

I bought this in sale: This is one of the most common things your wife must have told you many times and you must have believed that. We are not saying she is telling lies, but there must be incidents when she must have lied something and she must have bought that thing not from sale, but at original price. This way she must have avoided all the arguments related to blowing monthly budget, over spending money and much more. And for sure, you guys must have enjoyed the dinner with the fact that she bought that dress or footwear or bag or something else from the sale.

Please don’t give me any gift: This is another biggest statement shared by her. She must have told you this many times when you gifted her something really expensive and precious on her birthday or on your anniversary. But, actually all women love gifts and surprises. Whenever you give her something, she surely loves it, but doesn’t miss saying that she doesn’t need it, or it is too expensive and not really required, just to make you happy.

We don’t need a kid now, we can wait: If you are recently married or even if you are married from last two, three years still she will say if you don’t want a kid we will wait for some more time, we don’t need to rush for things. This is total lie, somewhere deep in her mind, her biological clock is ticking all the time and telling her to have a baby soon. But, at the same time she knew that she can’t force you to have a baby because most of the men likes to take some time before they step into new responsibility. Whether your wife is 25 years old or 32 years old she is always in a hurry to have a kid.

I am cool about you are going out with friends: When you tell her that you are going out with your friends to watch some match, or to have a party or play a cricket match and she told you that she is absolutely fine, if you will enjoy your day with your friends, but trust me she is not all. Though, she must have not reacted that way to avoid any argument or clash, but she does not like such frequent all guys’ plans and she is staying at home all alone.

I love for what you are: This is another common statement, which you must have heard from her thousand times that “ I love you for what you are”. She must have told you thousand times that she loves you the way you are and she does not want to change you for any good reason. If you trust her words, then you are so innocent. This is her way to boost your spirit and strengthen relationship. She must have told you to do something or other her ways, if she will tell you upfront that she doesn’t like things you are doing or the way you do, then it will surely upset you. But, if she shows her trust in you and ask you to do things her way, then you would not mind doing things the way she wants. So, it is all mind game to avoid clashes and arguments and get things done.

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