Shaadi Main Zaroor Aana Movie Review: Rajkumar Rao & Kriti Kharbanda

Rating: 3 Out of 5

Cast: Rajkumar Rao & Kriti Kharbanda

Genre: Romance

This is a romantic love story, but with many turns and twists. The lead actress Kriti Kharband plays the role of Aarti Shukla, who hails from a conservative family of Kanpur. Her parents fixed her marriage with Satyendra (Rajkumar Rao). She falls in love with this simple, caring guy, who is in stable government job. He belongs to an upper class family background and manages to impress her parents, and his humility and liberal thoughts win over the heart of the Aarti. But the whole story takes a big turn when Aarti flees on her wedding day, leaving Satyendra behind.

The ambitious Aarti took this decision fearing that she will end up as a housewife after marriage and decided to choose her dreams, aspirations and career over her love for Sattu. After this drastic episode, Sattu becomes a changed man. Years later, fate brings them together what unfolds the further story.

Director Ratnaa Sinha, managed to do justice with the script and touched various social issues with this movie like dowry, bribe, gender equality and girl’s fear to lose independence after marriage. This romantic drama seems to be inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion. But, the narration of the movie was good. The well-thought of screen play, drama, regret, tension and other elements keeps you engaged despite the misunderstandings and confusion, performances. His subtle and realistic portrayal of character Sattu is quite impressive and another form of his acting excellence. Kriti Kharbanda is also good and did justice with the character with her charm and simplicity, thus complimenting Sattu’s character perfectly.

The film could have been much better, but if you want to watch the brilliant acting of Rajkumar Rao in a modest family drama then it is a worth watch.

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