Planning To Shift In Live In? 5 Things To Consider Before Taking This Step

Nowadays staying in live-in is very common among youngsters. When you are sure about your relationship, but still not ready to take the final big step you plan to stay in live-in relationship with your partner. However, there is no harm in such kind of situation as you get a chance to know your partner more closely before you go for the wedding bells to save yourself from making any wrong decision. This is one of the most exciting phases of life as you see everything clad in roses and love, but in such a lovey-dovey situation you forge to consider a few things. If you are also planning to live in a live-in relationship it is very important that you know your reasons well why you want to take this step instead of all emotional or physical reasons. There are a few things which you should always consider before you shift in live in relationship with your partner.

Discuss all the responsibilities: This is one of the most important topics which you should discuss with your partner before you start your life in phase.  When you live alone or with family most, the things are easily available and handy, but after your partner comes in, then things will change. Therefore, it is always better you discuss all the responsibilities and who is going to take care of which things before you land into any mess.

Discuss finance: This is another major concern and you should have a very clear idea about it. As you both are working, then you should always make it clear who is going to pay for grocery, electricity bill, shopping, extra/sudden expenses, rent, and other things or are you going to equally contribute. So discuss this with your partner in advance to avoid any kind of arguments or clashes over finance or expenses later on.

Be clear about expectations: Living together before marriage is really a different and exciting thing. As you are morally responsible for things, but socially not. So, before you start your life be clear about your expectations from your partner. Meeting on a date, enjoying the lavish meal and watching a movie is different from living in the same house and cleaning the dishes and doing other day-to-day things. Ignoring the things of your partner, staying calm in his/her bad mood and still showering your love is something different.  Therefore, it is important that you clear what you expect your partner when staying together.

Get ready to compromise: Always remember that you are going to live with someone who is not from your family, but someone new. Staying with your family or relatives is different from staying with your partner. The new person will bring new things in life, so be ready to be part of this change and compromise.

Be 100% sure: This is another important thing which you should consider before you go for live-in relationship. You and your partner are sure about this decision and it is you two who are going to stay together. Rather than giving explanations to your friends and other people, be sure about your decision and don’t mix other things with this decision.

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