Planning To Propose Her? Best Ways To Propose Her And Win Her Heart

Are you in love and planning to reveal your heart to her? Do you want to say those magical words to her? Every girl wishes to have a perfect proposal. Girls always dream to be asked this question in the best way. Generally, guys are not that creative to propose to her differently and end up saying these golden words in a very ordinary way. Are you also thinking to propose to her in the most obvious way of getting down on your knees and saying her those golden words in style. You can make your proposal the best and most romantic by being a little bit creative. We are here sharing some most creative and best ways to propose a girl.

Candle lit dinner: This is one of the most classic and the best way to propose your ladylove. Candles can infuse the love in the air and make the whole place more charismatic. The dim lights of candles, burning flames, and the romantic tunes set the perfect ambiance for your perfect proposal date. A candlelit dinner is a romantic way to propose her. Either you can take her out for candlelit dinner at your favorite restaurant or you can also invite her to your place and set the candles in the right manner to create that magic.

Propose her where you met her first time: This is your chance to relive those moments and make it more special. Take her to the same place where you met her for the first time. It will surely move her heart and make her feel special. It is one of the most romantic and great ways to propose her.

Some special day: What could be better than proposing her on some special day like her birthday, your birthday, Valentines Day, Friendship Day, New Year Eve, or any festival. To make your proposal more special and romantic, you can choose her best day, her birthday or the day you met her for the first time. A proposal is not something, which you should take very lightly. This is going to be the most special and important day for both of you. A marriage proposal is very special and you should always choose the best day to propose her.

Proposal during a romantic movie: If you are not sure which place or date you should choose to propose her, then this could be another great option. This is the very romantic yet simple way to reveal your heart in front of your ladylove. This way of proposing is tried and tested and really works. You can propose her during the most romantic scene.

Write it down on T-shirt: Another creative way of proposing her. You can easily get your feeling printed on the T-shirt. Get a t-shirt and get that text printed on it. To make it a big thing, it is better to cover your t-shirt with another layer of jacket or sweatshirt.

Radio proposal: The girls always like bold guys. A girl always loves a guy who has guts to admit his love in front of people and who will stand for it. Radio is another great option to make it large. If you know that she listens to a particular show every day or she is a great fan of some specific radio show or jockey, then you can use that medium to reveal your heart. Call the Radio station, and ask them to broadcast your message if possible or play her favorite romantic song with your love message for her.

Banner proposal: If you can’t express your feelings in front of her and you are afraid of rejection, then you can impress her by proposing her through this unique way. You can get a banner created with your feelings and get it displaced at a place where you think is most apt and she will surely notice it. You can also go for a flying banner and give her surprise. This will add a flavor of excitement to your proposal. Try this only if you are sure that she is not going to reject your proposal.

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