October Movie Review

Rating: 4 Stars

Cast: Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu

Genre: Drama

Movie Review: The movie is a low budget movie with the simple story. Shoojit Sircar, the director of the movie has beautifully directed the movie and said a lot without saying much. The movie is not loaded with bombarding dialogues or like typical Bollywood movie where the hero is supposed to say bhari-bharkam dialogues to impress the audience. In this movie, everything is so simple and real that you can easily relate to the characters and with the story.  Varun Dhawan who played the lead role of Dan is a 21-year-old, simple, down-to-earth management trainee, who is a bit careless about work as most of the youngster are at this age. He doesn’t speak volumes, but he is very straightforward and blunt when it comes to making his comment. Shiuli who is his colleague does share some sweet glances and some casual conversation, instead of typical cheesy, sugar-coated dialogues.

Shoojit Sircar fills every scene with emotions and life with his perfect direction. However, the movie unfolds at its own pace, but you will not feel bored or unconnected with the story even for a moment. You find all the characters so real that you feel being part of the movie and forget that you are watching it. The scene at the hospital between Dan and Shiuli, where they acknowledge their love and feeling for each other is beautifully directed. Juhi Chaturvedi, the writer of the movie has done a great job with lyrical screenplay and dialogues. Avik Mukhopadhyay has shown his mastery of cinematography and captured every scene beautifully. The background scores by Shantanu Moitra adds a lot of volume to the mood of the movie.

This is Varun Dhawan’s finest performances till so far in his career in Bollywood. Even Banita also played her character so beautifully. It is a very simple love story where a lot of things are unsaid and the director allows the story to develop and find its own life cycle to unfold. “October” is a story of a common man, which is more sensible and easy to connect with apotheke-zag.de. So, if you are expecting the Varun Dhawan will do some grooving act, then you will be disappointed, but you will simply love this movie.

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