No More Smudging! Tips To Make Your Kajal Perfect And Smudge Proof  

Kajal is one such makeup product, which no girl can live without. No matter, whether you are makeup crazy or not, still you never forget to define your eyes with kajal. It is something that gives your eyes a new definition and makes you look beautiful. Be it a makeup day or non-makeup day, you can’t forget to apply kajal and define your eyes. But, one thing, which bothers all women is smudging of kajal. However, it could happen because of many reasons like oily skin, humid weather or too much cream base in the kajal. Still, you always want to wear that perfect layer of kajal that looks stunning and smudge proof. A smudged kajal can spoil your looks and can easily drag you into an embarrassing situation. To avoid such pitfalls and any embarrassing situation, we are here sharing some easy and smart tips to make your kajal perfect and smudge proof.

Keep your face clean: This is one of the most basic and important rules for any makeup. To get the perfect looks and lasting makeup you should always wash and clean your face well. Always remove the oil and dirt from your face before you apply any kajal or makeup on your face. If you have oily skin, then before applying kajal dap your skin with ice cubes for some time and after that apply kajal to avoid smudging. Besides, it will make your eyes beautiful and bright.

Buy the perfect kajal: It is not just how you apply your kaja, but it is also important, which type of product you buy. To get the long-lasting smudge proof kajal effects, it is always better that you choose the perfect kajal. It is not the price tag that makes your kajal long-lasting, but the type of product you are buying. While buying the kajal, always focus on the long-lasting products instead of brand or price tags only.  Always buy a product that promises a long-lasting smudge proof kajal effects.

Get the right stroke: It is very important that you apply kajal correctly. You should always use the right trick to apply the kajal. Generally, most of us apply the kajal from the inner edge to the outer edge, but the right trick of applying the kajal is other way around. You should apply the kajal from the outer edge to inner edge. Use big strokes at the outer edge and use small strokes at the inner edges to get the long-lasting kajal.

Get the right combination: The kajal should be always applied with the right combination. Either mix your kajal with mascara or with eye-shadow. You can also mix it with eyeliner as well. To avoid any kind of smudging always apply the darker eyeshadow to hide smudges. It will give your kajal the perfect definition and clean looks.  

Avoid heavy stokes in inner corners: If your eyes are too watery and you can’t stop water while applying the kajal, then it is always better to avoid any heavy stroke at the inner edges of your eyes. If you apply heavy strokes at the inner edges, it will make your eyes black and smudged. Apply the darker coats at the centre instead of the outer edges of eyes as it will make your eyes runnier.

Apply powder: It is not just your chin or nose that require a dab of powder to set the makeup and resist oil, but to avoid kajal to get smudged apply some powder under your eyes, especially your lids and outer corners required some touch-up. This will make your corners oil free and prevent your kajal to get smudged.

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