Never Judge Your Wife On These 7 Traits To Stay Happy

Being the girl of modern age you always expect your future husband to be loving, caring, understanding and above all give you space and freedom to chase your dreams. Did you ever wonder why some people are so happy in their relationship and married life and why some people end up with a bad experience? We all have certain expectations from our partner and there is nothing wrong with it, but judging someone on their past will eventually add bitterness in your relationship. Here, we are sharing seven important traits, which you should never consider to judge your partner and relationship.

Her past relationship: Judging your future wife on her past relationship is not the right approach. It might be she had bad experiences in her past relationship/s, but that was a learning experience for her. She is very clear what she wants in her life and what are her expectations from her future partner, that’s why her previous relationships did not work and she is with you. Always, understand the point that she has that level of understanding and maturity to decide what is right for her and what is not.

Is she virgin?: This is another big thing guys have in their mind. All guys want a virgin wife, no matter how many times they establish a physical relationship with their female friends. Is being a virgin is a kind of certificate of her good nature? Does it give any kind of assurance that if she is a virgin, then she will be a good partner and if she is not, then she will not be a good partner? Stop judging her on the basis of virginity.

Asking some me time: If she is asking you to leave her alone or she wants to spend some time alone, it doesn’t mean that she is annoyed or she doesn’t love you. It means that she is more mature and wants some space and time for herself too. It might be she will use this time to read or write something or plan something for your future.

Connected with her parents: If you think that she is spending time with her parents or talking to her parents on phone and ignoring your parents, then you are wrong. For her, her parents are as important as your parents. She has spent a long time with them and she can’t forget them overnight. So, in case if she is visiting her home to see her parents or talking to them over the phone, then there is no harm in it and it doesn’t make her irresponsible.

Want financial independence: She is a modern and educated girl. She is working and professionally independent. If she asks for financial independence and wants to work, then there is no harm in it. Support her in chasing her dreams and enjoying the financial independence.

Taking financial responsibility: If she wants to help you and support you financially, then there is no harm in it. It means that she understands the responsibilities and want to support you in all aspects like a perfect partner.

Asking your help in household chores: If she is asking your help in daily chores it doesn’t mean that she is lazy or don’t know how to manage things, but it means that she wants your support and help. She is equally educated and brought up in the same manner, so if you expect her to be a perfectionist in all things from the day one, then you are wrong. Give her time to learn and adjust to a new environment and help her out with daily chores to make her life simple.

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