Never Eat These 5 Foods Before Workout

Do you have a habit of eating some quick food before you go for workout? Getting confused what you should eat before workouts? Nowadays, many people go to the gym to workout and stay fit. It is very common thing for people as they are more conscious about their health, body and fitness. Eating right is as important as exercising and workout. It becomes more important to know what you should eat and what you should not eat to stay fit and healthy. There are certain food rules and basics, which one should follow to get the best results of their workouts and to feel energetic during the workout. Here, we are sharing the list of food items you should never eat before the workout.

Fiber rich food: You should never consume foods that are high in fiber before workout and going to the gym. The high fiber content of the food can irritate the bowel movement and create discomfort during the workout. Always try to avoid eating such food before the workout.

Food loaded with spices: According to different research finding, consuming spicy good before workout many create digestion problems and affect your stomach. Spicy food affects the digestive system and causes heartburn and irritation. If you eat spicy food before your workout, it can increase your metabolism, which is not a good thing for your workout. 

Avoid fruit juice: Fresh fruit juices are very good for your health and can do wonders for your body. But, packaged fruit juices are not that good as they are publicized because of the high sugar content and preservatives in these packaged juices. Fruit juice is high in fructose, a sugar that doesn’t digest as quickly. It can cause stomach pain and cramps if you consume it before the workout.

Dairy products: No doubt dairy products are good for health. You can’t ignore the benefits of these dairy products. But, you should avoid consuming products like paneer, milk, cheese and other such products before your workout. These products can create nausea, cramping and bring down your energy level. These products are rich in the high amount of fat, therefore takes a longer time to digest.

Raw vegetables: If you are going to your workout, so avoid eating raw vegetables or vegetable salad. Avoid eating raw vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. They are loaded with indigestible carbs and can cause digestive issues, bloating belly and gas as well. Consuming raw vegetables and salads can cause irritation and might lead to digestive issues while doing the workout.


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