Mistakes Guys Make While Meeting Girls For The First Time

Talking to a woman for the first time might not be the cakewalk for many. There are many guys who make some silly mistakes while talking to a girl for the first time and end up with a wrong impression. In most of the cases, the biggest turn off for girls and showing no interest at all in a guy is the way he starts the first conversation. You can be a good looking and the most handsome guy in the group with an effortless smile and ability to make everyone laugh at your kinky jokes. But, when you start a conversation with a girl for the first time, it turned up disastrous. If you are among those guys then here are six mistakes we are here indicating in this article, which guys generally make when they meet the girl for the first time.

Approaching them at a wrong place: This is one of the most important things, which you should keep in mind approaching a girl. There are some places where a girl never liked to be approached by any guy. Girls don’t mind to be approached at places like coffee bar, restaurants, cinema halls and some public places, where they are presentable and in a fun mood. On the contrary, there are certain places where they don’t want to be approached at all like office, at some relatives home, in a family gathering and function. So, before you move ahead always consider the location.

Starting the conversation with some cheesy line: If you think that starting your conversation with a girl with most cheesy or pickup line, then you are absolutely wrong. It looks nice and attractive in movies and TV shows, but in real life, girls don’t get impressed with such cheesy lines. Moreover, most of the girls find it too cheap and downside. Girls consider that cheesy lines are for dumb people who don’t know to how to start a healthy conversation with a girl. The best way to make your impression on her is to avoid such lines if they are picked from some movies or written by some famous writer. Still, if you are so keep to use any pickup line, then use your creativity instead of being copy cat.

Cracking cheap jokes: The best way to spoil your first impression and cut-short your conversation with a girl is crack the cheap and inappropriate jokes. If you are chatting with her for the first time and to break the ice you crack some cheap joke or inappropriate joke, then you effortlessly end your conversation. Dropping silly and inappropriate jokes will give her a sense that you are not right for her.

Approaching her when is he too busy: If you both work in the same office and you try to approach her at the wrong time, then this is an end of your conversation as well. If she is too occupied with something or in middle of something and visually in a bad mood and at that time you disturb her, then there are 200% chances that she will not be interested in chatting with you.

Talking about yourself only: When you start a conversation with a girl the worst part is that you start talking and just talk about yourself only. You just talk about yourself, hobbies, friends, job, car, vacation, pet and what not. This is something very uninteresting for a girl, if you are just flaunting about yourself only to impress her. This is totally wrong approach if you want to impress her. It will be totally a boring conversation when she is just listening to you and your interest only.

Assuming she is interested: Being confident about something is good, but approaching a girl with same confidence is wrong. But, there are also such things as being too confident and thinking the girl already likes you. No matter, how good looking you are or how intelligent are you, but if you are too confident about other’s view and opinion then it is a mistake.

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