Meeting Her For The First Time? 7 Things Women Notice About Men

Are you wondering what will she notice in you when you will meet her for the first time? This is really a tricky and confusing question. Generally, women notice a lot of things when she met someone for the first time. Unlike males, she doesn’t focus on the specific body parts, rather, she considers many things in a man when she met him for the first time. When she will meet you for the first time, your first impression will give her a sense whether she will meet you next time or not and you are a good match for her or not. However, all the things, which we will be mentioning here are not exactly the icebreaker, but why don’t you put the right foot forward and impress her. Here is the list of things women notice in men in the first meeting.

Your face: No doubt, the first and foremost thing she will notice about you is your face. If you think that your face is in its best form that means you are taking good care of your face. We all are not born with good face cut or face like Bollywood superstars, but you can do a favor for yourself by taking care of your face and following some basic grooming habits. You should show her that you have good grooming habits and you are conscious of your looks. A well maintained-facial hair, or maybe clean shaven look-but make sure that you are not post-shave look or you have red marks on your face. So, if you think that you don’t need any skincare, then you are wrong.

Your eyes: The thing she will surely notice in you is your eyes. Your eyes and the way you look at her. This might be the first thing she will notice while meeting you for the first time. It is generally said that your eyes are the reflection of the true self you can’t lie with your eyes. This is why a certain type of looks make a woman comfortable and a certain type of look might make her uncomfortable with you. So, just keep a check the way you look at her while meeting her for the first time.

Shake hands: It is also important for her that how you shake hands with her when you meet her for the first time. You should always be careful while shaking your hand with her. Don’t be too cold or too excited while shaking hands. Don’t crush her hand in excitement or show your masculine power. This is not the right place and time to show off your power, but time to show your manners and gentleman attitude.

Your charming smile: Once she will approve your looks, the next thing she will surely notice is your smile. In most of the cases, women expect to have a heartiest broad smile on men’s face. Your smile is something that can touch her heart directly and that can make her fall in love with you. So, don’t forget to show her your charming and cute smile when you met her.

Your shows: This is something she will definitely notice when you will meet her for the first time. All women pay attention to what you are wearing beneath. She will surely notice your shoes. So, don’t make any silly mistake of wearing the wrong type of shoes or wearing untidy muddy shoes while meeting her for the first time. It is very important that you pick the perfect shoe for the occasion and matching your dressing style. So, put your right shoe forward while meeting her.

Your wardrobe: She will surely notice this first while meeting you. Women are very conscious about the wardrobe and she expects that males should also understand the basic etiquettes of dressing. Pick your attire according to the place and occasion. If you are meeting her for the first time at some nice restaurant, then don’t dare to go in your cargo pants or shorts. Pick the right semi-formal dress for the occasion. However, wearing a business suit on your first meeting will be not the right choice as well. So, pick something between semi-formal and casual.

Your hairstyle: Some women do a thorough inspection while meeting someone for the first time. She will definitely notice your hairstyle. Women don’t like clumsy and messy hair, rather they like well trimmed, properly maintained hair. If you think that your rough looks and untidy hair will impress her, then think again before you meet her. Thoroughly washed and combed hair will surely impress her in your first meeting.

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