Meeting Him First Time? 6 Things He Will Surely Notice

When you are meeting Mr. Right for the first time you will be excited and nervous too. You are clueless about things what to wear, what not to wear? Will he be like you or will not like you? There are end numbers of things that pop up in your mind. What will he notice in you when you meet him for the first time? If you are also puzzled by all such questions and want to make your impression right, then you need not to worry. No matter how sweet and down to earth they appear and how simple they look, still there are things, which they will surely notice in you when you meet him for the first time. Here, we are sharing six things, which he will surely notice in you.

Your smile: You must have received many compliments about your smile earlier as well. So don’t forget to create that magic once again by meeting him with a sweet smile on your face. A smile can sometimes communicate a message better than words. So, the way you smile will give him a sense of your interest in him. For instance, if you will give him sweet smile, then you are comfortable with talks, if you are giggling means you are enjoying the conversation, but if you are giving him forced smile means you are trying to maintain distance.

Confidence: There is nothing more attractive than your confidence. If you are confident about yourself and the way you are, you will surely impress him. This is something, which every guy notices in a girl. All guys look for a girl who is confident enough to carry herself well. So, don’t be hesitant to show your confidence.

Way you look: Looks doesn’t mean that your facial features, but it means the way you style yourself. The way you dress. Do you like to wear layers of make-up? Do you like to wear heels only or you are comfortable in wearing flats? Whatever you will wear to make your style statement, he will surely notice all these things.

Your talking style: The way you will talk with him give him a sense of your personality. Guys always notice the communication style of a girl. Are you too friendly with him? Are you too shy to communicate anything? He will notice everything. So, be sure whatever you say and how you say it to him, he will notice that. Always, try to be natural and simple in your communication. Don’t say something, which will create heat or arguments.

Your eyes: He will notice your eyes when you meet him for the first time. It doesn’t mean your eyes makeup, but the innocence and charm of your eyes. Where your eyes are moving? Are you staring at him or blinking your eyes too frequently? He will notice everything. Try to be natural with your facial expressions and especially with your eyes. Don’t move your eyes here and there too frequently, it will give him a sense that you are not interested in talking with him, but don’t stare at him as well.

Your smell: The guy may or may not remember each and every detail about your looks, but he will surely remember the way you smell. So, don’t forget to soak in your favorite feminine perfume or fragrance on the day. Most of the guys like these feminine smells and remember it for the longer time.


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