Make-up Tips For Oily Skin To Look Picture Perfect During Summer

During summer because of high temperature, you sweat more and you keep on cleaning sweat from your nose, neck, and face. But in such a situation it becomes more difficult to stay picture perfect with your make-up. It is really difficult to maintain perfect make-up and not let it melt because of sweating. Women with oily skin need to be a bit more cautious while using make-up because of their skin tone. During summer if you want to go out with make-up and don’t want to look awkward with melting make-up then follow these simple tips for make-up to look picture perfect during summer.

Follow cleaning routine: During summer you face more problem with your skin as your skin tends to get oily and sweaty too soon. But, with perfect cleaning routine, you can easily escape yourself from this problem. A perfect cleaning routine will play a major role when it comes to skin health. It is always good that you clean your skin well for glowing skin. Use good cleaning and toning products. Use more natural products instead of chemical-based products to avoid any kind of skin irritation or problem.

Moisturize your skin: This is another very important step to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Use a good moisturizer for your skin. Avoid any oil-based moisturizer as it will further create more problem for your skin as your skin tone is already oily. Therefore, instead of going for cream based moisturizer, go for some oil-free moisturizer which is specially made for oily skin type. So pick the perfect type of skin moisturizer to avoid any skin problem.

Avoid foundation: During summer say bye to the foundation as it will spoil your looks. It will make your face look heavy and will not let it breathe and create more skin problems. In summer opt for lightweight BB creams, CC creams instead of foundations during summer. Apply your coat of BB or CC cream with a beauty sponge to get the perfect finishing and look.

Primer: To keep your make-up look fresh and lasting during summer, it is always a wise idea that you apply primer. It will make your make-up to live long. Don’t forget to apply this near your eyelids in order to keep your eye make-up last long.

Go for less make-up: To avoid yourself look greasy or oily during summer it is better to go for less make-up. It is better that you use less powder and foundation to prevent caking and creasing during summer. So, it is always better to wear nominal makeup during summer to look perfect.

Sheer shades: Rich, deep colors no doubt make you look bold and beautiful, but they too have their time and place and during summer it is a total no-no for such dark shades. To lighten your looks go for the sheer version of lip colors and eye shadows. These sheer colors are really subtle so you don’t need to worry about the overdose of makeup.

Avoid matte base lipsticks: Lock your matte base and cream base lipsticks in your makeup box for winter. During summer it is always better that you go for natural lip stains as they last longer and look better on your face. Lip stains are always better as you can use lip balm to add more shine and moisture to your lip color without worrying much about a smudge and running color. Try the traditional peach and pink colors if you are not sure about it or go for bold tangerine and grape colors for something really bold.

Use blotting paper: It is quite natural that at some point of day your natural skin oil will inevitably seep through your matte makeup. At that time, blotting paper is your BFF to handle that situation. Blotting paper will remove spots of oil from your face without removing or spoiling your makeup. Gently press the sheet of blotting paper on oily spots but avoid rubbing it as it will spoil your makeup. Once it will absorb oil peel off the paper.
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