Is He Lying To You? 7 Things Men Generally Lie To You

Do you think that he is really honest with you? Generally, when you are in a relationship, you don’t bother much about many things, but one thing which really matters is being honest and truthful with each other. Besides, you don’t doubt your partner unless you notice something that is weird and affecting your relationship. However, there are some common lies which every man says often to his girlfriend. There are some common lies which are not really harmful, but there are some lies, which can destroy your relationship as well. There could be many reasons behind his such attitude. It might be he is a habitual liar, but it might be he is hiding something from you. But, you need to be a bit attentive while talking to him and try to find out whether is lying or not. Here are some common lies that most of the men generally tell to their girlfriends.

Some urgent work at the office: This is one of the most common lies which most of the men tell their lady love. They will tell things like they have some very urgent work at home and they can’t meet you or they have to cancel the plan for today. It might be he is not lying, but if he is using this same statement again and again, then there are chances that he is lying to you or avoiding meeting you or he has some other plans.

She is just good friend: If you frequently see him with one specific girl all the time and he is updating his photographs with her again and again, then there is something fishy about it. Spending time with good friends is something very common and obvious as there are other relations beyond this relationship, but if you are spending most of the time with one specific friend of opposite sex, there are chances that there is something going on behind your back. So, keep your eyes and ears open all the time.

Sex is not in his mind: If he says that he loves you and he really cares for you, but sex is something that is not in his mind. Generally, when you are in a steady relationship with someone and you are planning to tie the wedding knot, most of the guys think one thing maximum time is sex. If after asking this question that is he really interested in sex only not in marriage and he started making fewer calls and avoiding your call and messages, then the message is clear what he is up to with you. It is important to understand and know his intentions before you move forward in any relationship.

I was not checking out her: This is a very common tendency among guys as they check out other girls, even girls do check out other guys. Most of the time, they deny this fact that he was checking out any other girl. Even if you ask him that he was checking out her, he will surely deny this.

Where he is: There are chances that he will not tell you where he is exactly or where he is going. He doesn’t want to feel trapped and he doesn’t want to answer your questions regarding his whereabouts. There are many guys who don’t mind to lie about where they are spending time or where they are hanging around as they don’t want to lose their freedom. They don’t want to feel controlled or they don’t want to be answerable to anyone.

I love you: These are three magical words which all women want to listen from their man. “I love you” and “I care for you” make you feel that he is really in love with you and you matter a lot to him. But, if he is a good liar, then he will tell these words to manipulate you and make you do the things which he wants you to do. If he really loves you he will not say these words only while having sex or just before sex, but he will say these words randomly and frequently. So, if he is a liar he will use these words as a magic trick to get the things done.  

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