Are You Lovesick? 11 Ways To Handle Break-Up And Enjoy Your Life

The silly and immature ways of coping up of break-up like crying and sobbing whole day in your bedroom, eating ice-cream, listening to sad songs and thinking about him/her all day long are gone. But, if you look at the other side of the situation, you will find that break-up is the best time to pay more attention to yourself and pamper yourself. It is the right time to renovate and relive your life. Now, you are no more responsible to do the things the way your partner want, rather you can do the things the way you want. It is true that time heals everything, but you can speed up the process by doing small things for self and by taking control of your life. Here are 11 ways to handle break-up like a boss and enjoy your life to the fullest.

  1. Write or say it aloud: Suppressing harsh feeling about him/her can make you sad and impulsive. Therefore, to deal such kinds of unpleasant situation, it is better you write down your feelings and write whatever you feel and think about your ex or about the whole situation. It will help in lowering your stress and reducing your tension. Besides, you can also share your feelings with your friends or you can take help of the professional therapist listen to your thoughts and help you in moving out of this situation.
  2. Take care of your body: Try and explore something new to feel good. Eat whatever you want to eat or give yourself a break-up treat. This sounds a nice idea of pampering yourself. Take care of yourself and your body. Eat healthy food, keep a check on the number of calories you consume daily. Eat a balanced diet and try to include green vegetable, fruits and dairy products in your diet to stay healthy and fit. Add some super foods to your diet to combat the stress. Always remember that turning towards junk food will make you fat and increase your stress level. So, avoid junk food and eat fresh and healthy.
  3. Be active physically: After your break-up, you just want to sit ideal, cry and sob. This is not going to do any good, rather will make you more depressed and sick. To get out of this it is important that you keep yourself busy and active. Indulge yourself in some physical activities or start the workout. If you love to exercise, then it is a good way to keep yourself healthy and fit. Start jogging, cycling, skipping or whichever workout you love to do. Stay physically fit to give yourself a kick-start.
  4. Do things you love: This is another way to feel great after a break-up. However, it is a little bit difficult to get excited about things you enjoy doing before your split, but this is the best way to get out of it fast. Do things that you love doing, be it having a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop or watching movies. Watch latest comedy movies to uplift your mood and feel happy. Laughter is the best solution to boost your mood and get out of your depression post break-up.
  5. Meet your friends: Friends can play an important role in beating these break-up blues. Talk to your friends, share your emotions and thoughts with them. Spend more and more time with your friends as they can easily help you out in such situation. Hang out with your friends, make plans, visit places and spend some quality time with your friends. It will make you happy and feel good.
  6. Indulge in hobbies: This is the best time to indulge in your hobbies. Learn something new or indulge in your hobbies like singing, playing some instrument, dancing, painting or something you think that you would love to learn. It will make you happy and you will also feel great that you are learning something new.
  7. Do some charity: This is the best way to feel great about the things you have and about your capabilities. Giving back to the society is the best way to combat your stress of break-up. Donate something to NGO’s or do something for poor or whatever charity you think you can do at your level, it will give you a kind of happiness and sense of accomplishment.
  8. Value yourself: Try and write down your best qualities. We all have some good qualities and recognizing your qualities and strengths can make you feel good and give you a kind of confidence. You have to understand that this is just a phase and life, not the end of life. So value and have faith in your strengths and enjoy whatever you have in your life.
  9. Take a break: Take a break from your routine life and do things differently or go out on a short vacation with family/friends. Explore some new places, eat some new and different cuisines. All such things will divert your mind from your break-up and will make you feel good. A short break from your routine life will make you feel happy and restore your energies.
  10. Make changes in your social media profile: This is another important thing you should do after your break-up. Remove him/her from your friend’s list, phone contact list, delete all photographs, messages, and other things, which you have as his/her memory. It will make you sad and you will start thinking about the same thing once again. Therefore, it might sound a bit childish, but it will work and make you happy.
  11. Avoid any discussion about your ex: Don’t get into any kind of discussion good or bad about your ex. Keep it short and try to avoid any kind of discussion, in every situation whenever you discuss your ex either you feel bad or irritated, which will further increase your anger. Therefore, the best thing to get out of this situation is to stay away from any kind of discussion.

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