Are You In Love? Be Cautious! Never Date 5 Types of Girls

A healthy relationship is not just about finding the right people, actually, it is more than that. If you are in love with someone or you think that you have met the love of your life, still you need to make a lot of effort to make your relationship work and successful. You can’t just live in a relationship without making any efforts. A relationship is a two-way street, where each participant needs to contribute equally. But, to make it more beautiful you need a right kind of partner, who understands you well and who is ready to make equal contribution and sacrifices in life for you. You are the one, who is responsible for your relationship because you have chosen your partner. Here, we are sharing five types of girls you should never date.

Ms. perfect: If you are dating a girl, whom you think is the most beautiful because she knows how to look perfect with makeup. The girl who is too perfect to be real is one who should be avoided. If she is spending hours and hours in getting ready because she always wants to look perfect and her outer beauty is everything for her, then give her a break. If you always see her under the layers of makeup because she thinks that is the best way to attract someone, then she is actually not perfect for you. You should always remember, a real beauty is not dependent on makeup or outer perfection only. So, look out for someone who is running the makeup kits to look perfect, but simple and beautiful from inside.

Flirtatious type: She very well knows how to win the heart of a man or how to make him fall in for her by her glance or smile. But, you will start facing the problem when she will not limit herself to you only and keep continuing her flirtatious behaviour with others as well. The glance she gives to you to win your heart, she does the same thing with your friends, colleagues and even with strangers as well.  She doesn’t mind to giggle and crack jokes with others and grab their attention. Before getting too much involved with such girl, notice these traits and save yourself from getting emotionally sucked in such kind of relationship.  

Too sexy type: Being confident about your body and feeling good about your personality is a very good trait. It gives you a kind of satisfaction and confidence as well. But, if you are too sexy and too open to show off your body to attract others, then watch out. She always flaunts her body stuff to grab the attention of others or to get noticed by the males, then such kinds of girls should be avoided. If she is too sexy and available for all, then such kinds of girls should be a no-no for a long relationship. The beauty of a relationship lies in the exclusivity, not in the availability for all. So, find a girl who understands the point of being exclusive to her man only.

Mysterious type: In the early stage of the relationship, you love being mysterious, you enjoy it if your partner is hiding something from you. But, when you grow in a relationship you expect that your partner will share everything with you. If you find that your partner is hiding something with you or trying to avoid your questions, then it is better to avoid such girl. To enjoy a healthy relationship, it is better to find someone who is equally involved and doesn’t mind to share things with you.

Gold digger: It is good to worry about your future and future security. But, if she is always bothered about your money, then it is better to think before you move forward in a relationship. She loves you because she loves your hefty pay cheque, rising career graph, family’s financial background and your luxurious car and lifestyle. If she loves you because of all tangible things, not because of what you are as a person. So, think well before committing anything in such kind of relationship.

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