Love Blueberries? 6 Proven Health Benefits of Blueberries

There is nothing that can be so pleasing and delighting like eating a bowl of blueberries during summer. These juicy and sweet blueberries are best to eat during the summer to stay fit. They are not just the seasonal delight to enjoy, but these beautiful berries are loaded with lots of nutrients and health benefits. They are often labeled as superfood during summer. Let’s take a look at some proven health benefits of blueberries. 

Rich source of antioxidants: These beneficial berries are loaded with the highest antioxidants as compared to any other fresh seasonal fruit. These antioxidants help in boosting your immune system. Blueberries are rich source of anthocyanin, vitamin C, copper and iron, which help in boosting the immune system and safeguarding your body from infections such as cold, viral and other bacterial infections. 

Good for bones health: Blueberries are a good source of iron, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, magnesium, zinc and vitamin K. Sufficient intake of these vitamins and minerals help in maintaining good bone health. So, if you want your bones to stay strong and healthy, don’t forget to eat a bowl of blueberries everyday. 

Beneficial for healthy skin: If you wish to have glowing and flawless skin then these beneficial blueberries are just perfect food for you this summer. These blueberries are a rich source of vitamin C, which helps in improving collagen and smooth wrinkles. It helps in improving the overall texture of your skin and makes it flawless. Collagen is the support of the skin and vitamin C is an essential nutrient which helps in preventing skin damage. 

Improves digestion: These beneficial blueberries are loaded with fiber which helps in boosting your digestion. A cup of blueberries provides you 14% of recommended fiber which helps in improving your digestion. It also prevents constipation and other stomach infections. 

Lower bad cholesterol: Various researches have proved that the higher fiber content in the blueberries and antioxidants help in lowering the bad cholesterol. If you are having bad cholesterol problem then these juicy and sweet berries are just perfect dietary supplement for you. Instead of relying on medicines switch to these beneficial blueberries to improve your heart health and lower your bad cholesterol.   

Reduce belly fat: The high fiber content available in blueberries improve digestion and help weight loss. The high fiber of these berries keeps you full for a longer time and help in reducing belly fat. These blueberries are a rich source of healthy antioxidants and vitamins which is really a good snack to stay healthy and fit. 

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