Are You Killing Your Marriage? Your Five Habits Can Break Your Marriage

It is not easy to end any relationship. Ending your marriage is really difficult because there was a time when you love each-other madly. But, somewhere deep down in your heart, you know that it is better to move on because it is really difficult to survive in this relationship. At times, there are some recognizable reasons behind breaking your marriage and at times are many reasons which you really don’t notice, but they played a crucial role in breaking your relationship. There are many issues that couples could easily resolve in marriage, but there are many issues, which you even don’t realize and they kill your marriage silently. Here, we are mentioning five reasons which kill your marriage silently and leads to a dead-end.

Not paying attention to problems: When there is any problem in the marriage, it is always better to address that problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be really difficult to cope up with it. But, in most of the cases, couples want to take the other route and avoid addressing the issue. Staying away from the problem will increase the problem more and make it gruesome. So, it is always better to address any problem as soon as possible, rather than avoiding it.

Fighting over old issues: Generally, all of us do this knowingly or unknowingly at times. Bringing up old issues during your fights can worse the problem. This one habit should be avoided at any cost. When you keep on fighting over the old issues, it irritates your partner like anything and increases their frustration. It is always better not to drag your old issues in your fights.

Blaming your partner: This is something very common thing couples do when they are angry with each other. Blaming your partner for something during fighting might be accepted, but blaming your partner for everything bad in your life in front of others might affect your relationship. It is always better to avoid this habit. If you have any issues with your partner, it is better to sort out, rather than blaming your partner in front of others.

Comparing your partner: Are you doing this mistake? Are you comparing your partner with your ex or with other people around you? Always remember that comparing your partner to someone else will make you sad and frustrate your partner as well. It is always better to accept your partner the way he/she is, rather than doing silly comparisons. It will prove a silent killer for your marriage.

Not respecting personal space: Most of the people believe that there is no word as personal space exist in the relationship like marriage. But, if you also believe in the same theory, then you are totally wrong. Many people try to keep a tab on their partner and want to know each and every activity. This is completely wrong practice. Everyone needs their own little space and privacy in life and you should respect this. So, if you are also habitual of checking the phone call, messages, emails and other personal stuff of your partner stop doing it. It will give them a sense that you don’t trust your partner at all.

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