Is Your  Love Real  Or Reel? 5 Differences In Real And Reel Love

When you are in love everything seems so hunky-dory. You love everything around you. Do you think that real life love is very similar with the love we see in Bollywood movies? However, Bollywood masala movies work on three major plots: love, action and comedy. In most of the Bollywood movies, the couples are singing, dancing and enjoying the life when they are in love. But, in real life love is very much different. When you are in love in real life you feel happy, but not similarly you see actors and actresses represent it in movies. There are a lot of differences in real and reel love stories. Let’s take a look at five major differences between real and reel love stories.

There is no background music for your feeling: In Bollywood movies, we have seen this thousand times that whenever someone falls in love, he/she hears a sweet background music, which expresses his/her feelings. But, in real life there is no background music except the sound of horns and people. When you fall in love with someone you don’t hear the sound of violin or guitar. Rather, in most of the cases you even don’t want to hear your inner voice.

You don’t sing and dance in public places: In movies, when the couples are happy or sad or imagining something, there comes a song. Whenever, they are happy and want to express their feelings, they start singing and dancing in public places. Singing and dancing in public places and expressing their love are very much normal in movies and you can’t imagine a single Bollywood movie without such situational songs. But, in real life you never show your singing and dancing talent on roads to express your feeling. In real life, you will never see any couple doing such things. There are no such situational songs in their life. However, they might dedicate a song for their partner, but singing and dancing on roads and doing public shows of their love is something very rare.

You don’t fall in love with the badass guy: Generally in movies the sweetest, simple and girl next-door girl falls in love with the most arrogant and badass guy of college, area or office. Do you think that something similar happens in real life too? No, actually not. No sweet, next-door girl looks for the most badass guy to fall in love. Generally, such people look for the most decent, intelligent and smart one to be their partner, not the badass guys. In real life no girl/boy go for the weirdest or the arrogant people.

You don’t go for makeover overnight: In movies you always see that the most nerdy girl or guy takes off glasses, change their hair-style and go for a makeover and stuns everyone with their new hot avatar. But, in reality we hardly see anyone doing this to woe someone. Going for minor changes might be possible, but a total makeover and adapting the sexiest avatar is something out of the box in real life. So, this is something very filmy, which is generally seen in movies and in real life you hardly find anyone doing this to win the love of their life. There are chances that once you are in life you wear something, which is loved by your partner, but going for a makeover is something really unexpected.

You don’t spend all time hanging around the garden/malls: In Bollywood movies, we generally see people hanging around the garden/malls and doing the same thing everyday. For them watching movies, eating in restaurants and going for shopping every day is something people do when they are in love. But, in real life this doesn’t happen. You have hell lot of other things in life to do. If you are college, then you have to go to college everyday, otherwise because of low attendance you will be not allowed to appear in exam. And if you are working in that case, you will be thrown out of the office if you will not go to office everyday. Going for a shopping once in a month is fine and affordable up to an extent, but doing this every day is not practically possible unless or until you are born with a golden spoon.

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