If He Says These Things To Then Don’t Let Him Leave You Ever

It might be your man is not that expressive as you expect him. There are many men who express their emotions well, but most of the men don’t know how to express their feelings with the right words. He might not be well in choosing the right words. You are with him from the last a few months and you find him just perfect for you, but you are not sure because he never expresses his feelings well. To find out that he really loves you, but not expressive with words, then you can notice a few things he says to you. If he says these things, then don’t let him go.

You are the most beautiful person I ever met: He always acknowledges your beauty and says that he admires you like the person. He is the one who likes you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. He loves you as a person and totally in love with you.

I love you the way you smile: He always loves it when you smile and you just swipe him off with your smile. He always says that he loves it when you smile and he always wants you to keep smiling. He never wants to miss even a single chance to make you smile.

Ready to tell his opinion: He doesn’t mind to tell what he thinks about a particular situation. He doesn’t mind to tell you what’s going on in his mind. He is never afraid of telling you the right thing and his opinion.

I am there for you: He always keeps on saying that he is there for you. He will be with you in all thick and thins of life. He will always support you in life and never leaves you in any tough situation.

He is humble: He is always humble with you. He doesn’t mind to admit that he has done a mistake. He never minds saying you sorry if in case he hurts you or did something wrong. He always understands the fact there is nothing wrong in admitting the mistake and saying sorry. He knows that there is a room for improvement in the relationship also.

I trust you: You always want to be with a man who shows his trust in you and always say that he trusts you. He always feels comfortable with you and he knows that you will never break his trust. He knows that you are serious about him and you never take him for granted.


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