If He Says These 6 Things To You, It’s Better To Say Him Goodbye

Generally, we believe that everything is fair in love. When you are in love with someone, you tend to ignore a lot of things. You don’t pay attention to comments, and statements of your partner because you are not only in love with your partner, but you believe that he is just perfect for you. It is good to trust your partner and feel strong for your relationship. But, there is value for good communication and respect for each other in a relationship and you should always follow this basic rule of relationship. You can’t be blindsided when it comes to anything wrong with your partner. These small red flags and issues can play a vital role in your future relationship. Therefore, it becomes more important to pay attention to his words when he is saying or telling you something. Here are a few things, which you should never be supposed to tolerate when a man saying to you.

You are getting over-dramatic: If you are getting emotional over something or you are reacting over something in your own ways, then he has no right to say that you are getting over-dramatic. As your boyfriend, he should make efforts to make you feel better and calm down instead of rejecting your emotions and invalidating your feelings.

If you loved me then you would: This is something a kind of red flag for your relationship. This is the straight and most emotional way to manipulate your partner. If he is using this statement frequently to get his things done then you should understand that he is using you. He is asking you to do the favor and things for him to prove your love for him, then he is surely using you and he is not in love with you.

You are not like my ex: Comparison in any relationship is not good. If he all the time compares you with his ex, then he is still in that relationship only and he has not come out of his past. In anyways, this is not good for you and your partner. Two individuals can’t be the same and they can’t have similar traits. Therefore, comparing them is not justified and acceptable. He is doing this to make you feel bad, not because he is happy with you. So, if he is comparing you with his ex and telling your mistakes by giving her example, you should say bye to him.

Asking you to keep quiet: Whenever you say something or you tell something to him, then he asks you to keep quiet. If he is not able to understand your needs and not paying attention to what you are saying, then he has no such quality to grow old with you in this relationship. He is not that mature to pay attention to the needs of his partner and listening to your partner is one of the basic requirement of the relationship.

You are so stupid: If you have done something wrong or you have something stupid, then still he has no right to call you stupid or fool. Nobody is perfect, there is no one in this world who never makes a mistake or did something wrong. If he is making you feel bad about your mistakes and making you feel inferior, then you are in a wrong relationship.

You sound like your mother: This is something you should never tolerate if he says you so. Your mother has raised you and turned you into what you are. If he is all the time commenting on this and making this a point to insult you, then you should never tolerate this say goodbye to him.

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