Google Pixel 2, A Good Competitor For Apple’s iPhone X

Google launched it’s latest phone Google Pixel 2 today. The phone is available in India as well. You can easily buy this phone offline and online. So all Google phone lovers can buy this latest phone. The second generation of Google’s Pixel phones are loaded with latest features, brighter screen with better specifications. Google is aiming to get a foothold in the competitive market for smartphones with its latest Pixel 2 smartphone. The Pixel 2 is much different from other available smartphones in the market, or the smarter smartphone. It is loaded with Google’s latest technology.

The Pixel 2 comes with a 5”-inch Cinematic 127-mm full-HD display. The display of the phone is equipped with 3D Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The only drawback with the phone is that it is not offering you any headphone jack. So before you place your order keep this in mind.

The Pixel 2 is available with different storage 64GB and 128 GB internal storage. And, like Apple’s iPhone, it doesn’t support the external Micro SD card. However, if you compare the storage capacity of this latest device, it is just double compared to previous Google phones.

The phone has a 2700mAh battery with fast charging. The phone is available in two colors white and white and black. The phone has the 12megapixel shooter with dual-pixel sensor rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera with F2.4 lens for higher picture quality. It has the latest software Android 8/Oreo.

To buy this Google’s smartphone you need to shed a good amount. The 64BG phone has starting price Rs. 61000 and 128 GB phone costs you around Rs. 70,000.

Special Features:

  • Pixel 2 comes with the e-SIM features. Besides, the phone also supports the regular SIM.
  • Pixel 2 will get 3 years of Android Software update. Besides, it comes with a new launcher that has Google search bar on the bottom of the screen of the phone.
  • Pixel 2 has a glass and aluminium body with fingerprint sensor at the back, making it different from other phones.
  • Pixel 2 is dust and waterproof phone you need not worry about these two elements.
  • Pixel 2 has the front-firing stereo speaker.

(image courtesy @ google images)

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