Going On Your First Date? Avoid These Mistake On Your First Date

Are you confused about your first date? Not sure about what you should do on your first date to impress him/her? First date is confusing for many because you are not very sure about his/her interest, choices and other things. Some pretend to be something else, try to be so funny and modest on their first date, but the key to winning the heart on your first date is to be yourself. Don’t pretend or show-off anything on your first date, rather be the way you are, this way you will be able to leave an impression on your partner. Here are some mistakes you should avoid on your first date.

Select right dress: It is very important to dress perfectly on your first date. Don’t overdo or underdo with your dress. You should not wear a dress, which is revealing and body fit. Rather, wear a dress, which is more comfortable and you feel relaxed in it. Guys should not wear something too formal. This is not a business meeting, so wear something casual, but nice. Always remember not to wear shorts or cargo pants on your date, you are not going for tracking or jogging, but on your first date. So pay attention to what you wear.

Don’t choose odd place: If you are always keen to explore new places, then avoid this temptation on your first date. It is always better to choose a place, which you have already visited or where you visit frequently. So, you know about the crowd, ambiance, food, and services as well. Therefore, you will not face any awkward situation on your first date.  

Avoid making it completed: It is always better if you keep your first date simple and beautiful. Avoid making to too complicated by choosing activities like visiting some water park, adventure park or playing some sports. It is always better to keep it simple by going on a lunch date with a movie or spending time at some good restaurant.

Be on time: There are many people who love to reach late because they find it cool. But, avoid reaching late on your first date. It will spoil your impression as the other person will think that you are not serious about this date or it is not that important for you. Reaching on time on your first date will give an impression to your partner that you value others time as well and you are really serious about this date.

Don’t check your phone: Nowadays, people are so glued to their phone that they can’t stay away from their phone even for five minutes. All your attention should be devoted to your partner, not on your phone. It is always better to keep your phone on silent and don’t check your messages or notification when you are on your date. Checking phone again-and-again might irritate your partner.

Try to know about personal interests: On your first date try to know more about the interest, hobbies of your partner. Talk about things related to your life, share your personal experiences and try to know more about your partner, his/her experiences. This way you will be able to know more about your partner and develop a better understanding of things.

Never talk about your ex: This is not the right place and right time to discuss your ex. Discussing your ex on your first date might spoil the mood of your partner. He/she is not interested in listening or knowing about your ex, but he/she is here to know more about you as a person.

Do a little homework before meeting: Before going on your first date, try to know more about your partner with the help of technology. Don’t forget to check his/her social account, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other accounts. It will give you a sense of his/her interest, hobbies and other aspects of his/her life. Checking their account is not a bad thing, but don’t be a stalker. If you checked their account before meeting them, then don’t forget to mention that during your conversation.

Don’t judge someone by looks: When you are on your first date, don’t judge your partner on his/her looks or beauty. Making your opinion about someone on their looks is not the right approach. To know someone better, try to know them as an individual, not how they look. It might be he/she is not that attractive or good-looking according to your expectation, but as a person, he/she is far better than a lot of other good-looking people. So, don’t limit yourself to looks only.


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