Food Craving? 6 Different Types Of Food Cravings And Their Hidden Meanings

Many times we feel an irresistible temptation and craving to eat something and our mind and body just think about that food only. At times, you want to eat chocolates or want to eat ice cream or something hot and spicy, all this is very crazy because, at the time of craving, you just want to eat that stuff only. According to food and health experts, when your body craves for a particular food, then there are solid reasons behind that craving. We are here sharing six different types of food craving with their hidden health meanings.

Chocolates: We all love chocolates and there are many people who are very crazy about the chocolates and you find them eating chocolates too frequently. According to the health experts and different research, chocolate makes you happy. And if you are craving for chocolate, it could be because you are bored, unhappy with something, stressed or tensed due to something.

Cheese: Are you craving for those cheesy bites or cheese-loaded pizza? If you are craving for cheese and dreaming about cheese all the time, it is clear indication that your body is not getting enough fats and vitamin D. You can get the triggered craving of cheese during winters.

Ice cream: Are you ice cream lover? Can you eat ice cream any time? Craving for ice cream during the meal or just after having your meal is clear indication that your stomach is upset or you have digestion issues. Ice cream is good for heartburn and stomach acidity. Besides, it is also considered a good mood booster like chocolate. It could be you are upset, bored or tensed that’s why you are craving for ice cream.

Pasta: Are you crazy about this power-packed food? Pasta is rich in energy carbs. If you are craving for this power-packed food after your work-out or hectic day, then it is kind of indication that your food is not proving required nutrients or calories.

Spicy food: If you are craving for chilly potato or spicy chaat, it indicates that your internal system is hot too. When you eat something spicy, it cools you down. Spicy food is hot in nature, so when you eat spicy food, it makes you sweat, and sweat makes your body cool. The imbalance and craving for spicy food could be could be because of thyroid or uneven digestion.

Pickle: Pickles are loaded with sodium and probiotics. If you are craving for pickle means you are either craving for sodium or it could indicate the dehydration as well.

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