Follow Some Simple Rules To Protect You From Harmful Holi Colors

Are you really excited for Holi? Are you preparing a lot of things to make your Holi really joyful and full of happiness? Holi is one such festival, which is full of excitement and colors. These beautiful colors make Holi more lovable and memorable. You can’t imagine this festival without colors. But, these colors can harm your skin and hair. These Holi colors sometimes cause irritation, itching, rashes and serious bruises. Therefore, before playing Holi, it is important that you do a little bit of preparation and homework to protect your skin from harmful colors. Here, we are sharing some simple rules to protect your skin and hair from harmful Holi colors.

Stay hydrated: To keep yourself hydrated drink a lot of water before going out for playing Holi. It will keep you hydrated, energetic, and refreshed. It will keep your skin glowing and protect it from harsh chemicals.

Oil your hair: Don’t forget to oil your hair well before going out to play Holi. Use coconut oil, olive oil any other good hair oil to protect your hair from harmful chemicals of Holi colors.

Use good cream: You should apply good cream or oil on your face, ears, behind the ears and earlobes to protect them from chemicals and colors.

Don’t sit in sun: Avoid sitting in the hot sun with colors on your body and face. Always remember that these sun rays will make these Holi colors darker if you have played Holi with chemical-based colors. So, it will be more difficult to remove your color if you relax in sun after playing Holi.

Apply nail paint: To protect your nails from getting soaked in harmful Holi colors, it is always better that you apply a thick coat of a good nail paint before Holi. Always ensure that you are using a dark color like red, maroon or something similar to protect your nails from getting soaked in Holi colors.

Cover yourself well: Ensure that you are covering yourself well with clothes. It is always better you wear full sleeves clothes and full bottoms. Try to avoid wearing cut-sleeves or short sleeves shirts, and shorts. Don’t wear denim as they take more time to get dry, so you will feel wet most of the time if you will wear denim.

Avoid lenses: Don’t wear lenses while playing Holi, as they have a tendency to absorb color. So, it may cause irritation and itching while playing Holi. So, it is always better to wear glasses and if you can even avoid wear glasses it is much better.

Use herbal colors: Nowadays, colors contain many harmful chemicals, which is not good for your skin and creates irritation, rashes, itching and other skin problems. Therefore, it is always better to use herbal and natural colors to play Holi. Besides, you can also play Holi with flowers and colors made by flower essence.

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