Five Superfoods To Eat To Avoid Cold During Winter

When you see people wearing full sleeves clothes and wearing an extra layer of clothes that means winter is very much here. Winter is one such season when you indulge in too much food and you don’t mind eating lavish and rich food. But, it is also important that you eat right during this season to stay healthy and fit. You feel energetic and active whole day because of weather. There are many foods, which you only enjoy during this season and they help in fighting the cough and cold during this season. To stay fit and healthy it is important that you eat right and balanced diet. Here, we are sharing five superfoods which you must eat during winter to avoid cold.

Sweet potatoes: You can easily find sweet potatoes in the market as this is very much in season. Enjoy this delicious superfood during winter. Though this food is rich in sugar content, the nutritional value is very high, you can easily compromise on this part and enjoy this superfood. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber, vitamin A, and potassium. It is very helpful in improving immunity and curing constipation.

Red bell pepper: They are rich in vitamin C and offer you essential nutrients and boost your immune system. Red bell peppers offer you double the amount of vitamin c as compared to any citrus fruits. So, enjoy these red bell peppers to improve your immunity and beat the winter blues.

Garlic: Garlic is very much popular in Indian homes and almost all homes use this superfood to add flavor to the food. This not only adds the flavor in the food, but it also helps in fighting the common cold and cough during winter. This superfood also contains calcium, potassium and sulfuric contents that helps in getting rid of unwanted bacteria and infections.

Dates: If you are trying hard to reduce your weight, then this superfood is just perfect for your diet plan. Dates help to keep your weight in check and under control. They are rich in nutrients and must have for those who go to the gym regularly. Besides, regular intake of dates helps in staying warm during winter so you can enjoy this superfood without much worrying about your weight during winter.

Almonds and walnuts: You should regularly take almonds and walnuts during winter to ensure active nervous system and better immunity. They will protect you from cold and cough during winter and keep you warm. So enjoy your favorite nuts during winter to stay warm and healthy.  

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