Excited For Your First Date? 6 Biggest First Date Turn-offs For Women

First date is a jittery thing for all of us. You find it nerve-racking and confusing. Many people find it more complex as compared to talking someone on phone or chatting online. You must have heard from your friends and colleagues about the stories of their first date. At times, everything was so smooth and easy and suddenly you find that she became so cold or suddenly stopped reacting to your things. You realized that there was something, which worked as the turn-off for that girl. There are many things that work as turn-offs for girls. However, it is not that easy to mention each and every trait, but we are trying to mention a few common things to make your first date smooth and successful. Let’s take a look at six common turn-offs for women on their first date.

Not following basic etiquettes: When you are on your date with someone be it your first date or any other date always behave like a gentleman. Lack of basic etiquettes could play a vital role on your first date to make it your worst experience. All women appreciate and like a man who has basic etiquettes and knows how to behave, act and react publically. Your rude behavior and bad manner could easily ruin your first date. So, always keep this point in mind while meeting someone for the very first time.

Bragging about self: Always remember that you are going to meet her for the first time and this is her first date too. If you love to brag about yourself and count your achievements all the time, then it could ruin your date easily. This is the time when you should use this first date to know more about the other person, her thoughts, liking and other things instead of bragging about yourself only. It could give her a feeling that you are self-obsessed and you don’t need anyone. Sharing things about yourself will make her know about you better, but bragging about you all the time on your first date could spoil your date.

Talking about your ex: No matter how bitter experience you had in your previous relationship or how bad your ex-was. But, this is not the right time and place to discuss your ex and your past experience. This is your first date and you should use it to know each other better instead of discussing your ex and your past experience. She is not here to know about her but to know you better. If you are all the time talking about your ex, it will give her a feeling that you are not over your past relationship. So, don’t spoil your date by talking about your ex.  

Poor hygiene: If you smell like you have not showered from days or your hair looks messy, then get ready to get a red flag from her. Poor hygiene is the biggest turn-off for most of the women. No woman would like to date someone who is careless about self and don’t bother about personal hygiene. If you really love your messy looks, then get ready to listen to goodbye from her on your first date itself.  If you really want to make your impression, this is the time to groom yourself and work on your personal hygiene.

Checking out other girls: If you have a tendency of checking out each and every girl who just crossed you, then you will surely offend her on your first date. No woman will ever appreciate this gesture that you will check out other girls in her presence. Gauging out other women when you are with someone on your first date is another sign of bad behavior and poor etiquettes.

Glued to your phone: If you are obsessed with your phone and check your messages and chat box after every second this might irk her on your date. Posting your photos on Instagram and other social media and telling people about your first date while ordering the food or during your conversation might disturb or make her feel that you are not giving her enough attention. If you have a habit of checking your phone after few second, it is better to keep your phone on silent or flight mode to avoid any distraction on your first date.

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