Essential Beauty Products To Beat The Winter Blues

Worried about brittle hair, cracked nails, dry skin and chapped lips? Winter comes with many skin and hair problems. It doesn’t make your skin dull, but also steal away the glow and moisture of your skin. It makes your hair dull and rough, and scalp full of dandruff. You don’t want to move out during winter, you know that these chilling winds will make your skin dull and hair dry. Here are some essential beauty products, which you should use to beat the winter woes.

Say bye-bye to regular cleanser: This is the time to say bye-bye to your regular cleanser. Change your regular cleanser to cream based cleanser to protect your skin. Buy a cream based cleanser to get a glowing skin. It will not only clean your skin, but it will also make your glow. Avoid products with alcohol and salicylic acid. Rather, buy products with cream based cleanser that contains glycerin, beeswax or any type of oil.

Eyes care cream: The sensitive area around the eye is one of the most challenging parts of your body to keep looking young and refreshed. To get the youthful and problem free skin around your eyes use good day and night eye cream. Don’t forget to use these creams to take care of your skin and get the glowing skin. Before moving out in sunrays, use moisturizer rich eyes cream with SPF 25 to protect your eyes during winter. It will keep your eyes refreshed and youthful.

Use facial mist: A moisturizing facial mist can make your skin glowing and youthful. You should always use the facial mist before applying face lotion or makeup. If your face is still feeling dry or still feeling tight after cleansing, use some facial mist to rehydrate the skin and prepare it for face cream. You can use this cream whenever your skin feels dry or tight.

Winter essential facemask: To get the youthful and glowing skin during winter, use natural facemask. These facemasks will not only rejuvenate your skin, but also remove the dead skin. You can make these natural facemasks by using different natural products like honey, Aloe Vera, cream, curd, lemon, fruits and many other natural ingredients. Apply these masks on your face and let it be there on your face for 10-20 minutes and wash your face with the normal water. It will make your skin glowing and healthy.

Use lip balm or lipstick: To protect your lips from getting chapped use good lip balm or lipstick on your lips. You face dry and chapped lips problem during winter because of dry and chilly winds, weather and sun. Therefore, it becomes more important to protect your lips in such unfriendly weather. To protect your lips during winter, use lip balm rich with natural oil or cream. You can also use lipstick rich in cream.

Use good moisturizer on hands: Whenever you wash your hands make sure that you apply cream based or oil based moisturizer on your hands. The dry and chilling winds make your skin dull and dry, to make your hands soft and plum use moisturizer. Apply moisturizer on your hands whenever you wash your hands.

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