Don’t Dare To Share These Things With Your Boyfriend To Stay Happy


A healthy and blissful relationship is based on truthfulness, understanding, love and positive attitude. But, there are some things, which you should avoid sharing with your boyfriend. It might hurt his emotions and even ruin your relationship with him. Therefore, it becomes more important to be very careful about your relationship. No matter how close you are, how happy you are in this relationship. Still, to enjoy the blissful relationship, it is important that you hide a few things. As many females believe that what he is not aware of, will not hurt him. So, we have made a list of few things you should never share with your boyfriend under any circumstances.

Your password: There comes a time, when your boyfriend wants to access your laptop and you have password protected it. You don’t mind to share your password, because you always want to show him that you trust him and you don’t have anything to hide from him. So, what if you have something embarrassing on there? So, before sharing any password with him, ensure that there is nothing as such, which would land you into some embarrassing situation.

Your feelings about his mother: It might be he is not happy with his mother’s attitude or he doesn’t feel comfortable sharing things about his mother because of her attitude. Or you feel that his mother is clingy or nagging all the time. But, don’t ever dare to join in the saga and say something about his mother. It might offend him and spoil his mood. So, avoid saying something to his mother and let him enjoy his sacred relationship with her.

Your bank statements with him: Always remember that most of the boys are very calculative and worried about the bank balance. No doubt, it is your hard-earned money and you want to spend it the way you want. But, there are chances that your big-ticket purchases and shopping bills might make him check your account statements. He will never understand the logic why you need different shoes and handbags matching your different dresses. Therefore, always ensure that you are not showing off your shopping bills and other statements to him. Enjoy your shopping, but don’t share your bills with him.

You don’t like his friends: Generally, most of the girls don’t like the male friends of her boyfriend. No matter, how bad you feel when he goes out with them for all guys party. Still, don’t dare to say something about it. It is important to give space and freedom to your boyfriend to let him enjoy some time with his male friends. Otherwise, he might get an impression that you are trying to rule him.

You are wrong: This is something, which might hurt his emotions and ego as well. There are chances that he might be wrong at times, but he is always wrong that is technically not possible. So avoid pointing out his mistakes always.

Don’t wear this again: Wearing something is one’s personal choice and matter of comfort. If you say, don’t wear this because that doesn’t suits you might annoy him. Respect his personal choice. If he is comfortable in wearing something, then let him enjoy his choice.

Do you love me?: This is something, which irritates males a lot. He loves you that’s why he is with you. Testing his love and asking him again and again the same thing irritates him. He is not here to prove his love for you again and again. So, if you ask him this question again and again, it might give him a kind of sense that you don’t trust him and his feeling.

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