Do You Think He Is Cheating? 6 Signs That He Is Cheating On You

Do you think that he is having an affair with someone else? Do you think that he is fooling you and cheating on you? Does he recently change his phone lock code? There are some shifts in this behavior, which you don’t notice in the early stage. Most of the time you take these changes very casually and when you ask your partner about these things, then you listen to the same reply that you are overreacting or there is nothing as such. There are many things, which you can easily notice and recognized if your partner is cheating on you. Here, we are sharing six signs to notice that he is cheating on you.

Loading you with gifts: Your partner is loading you with a lot of gifts all of a sudden. He is giving you gifts without any reason. He is all the time giving you something or the other. As he is cheating on you, so he is filled with guilt, that’s why he is showering you with different gifts to ease his guilt.

Changed the passwords: This is another important sign to notice that your partner has changed the passwords of his phone and other devices like laptop or tab which you are both are using. He might have bought a new phone or laptop, which is password protected. So, if he has recently changed the password without any good reason, then it is a sign that he is trying to hide something from you.

Deleting his call records: If he is deleting the recent call records or some specific call records all the time after disconnecting the phone, then this is again an alarming sign for you. He must be trying to hide that number or the identity of that person from you. If he is not able to give you a very convincing reply about his behavior, then there is something cooking at your back.  

Starts showing more in you: If all of a sudden your partner has started showing more interest in you, then it is again a sign to notice. He is more concerned about your looks, your day-to-day activities and he is trying to be physically more close to you, then it is again a red flag for your relationship.

Sudden change in office routine: Today not only our lifestyle has changed, but our work culture has also changed. Nowadays, you don’t visit office every day or you don’t sit at the same desk to complete your task, everything is so sudden and unplanned. If your partner is spending more hours in the office or he is frequently going out for business meeting and trips then there is something wrong with it. A little bit of change in the work routine because of new responsibilities can be understood, but drastic change without any good reason is again a sign for you to notice.

Increased credit card bills/ fewer savings: When someone is indulged in a new relationship, then he/she does everything lure the other one. It invites more financial expenses like you go out for dinner and lunches, movies, shopping and much more. Therefore, you end up spending more money than usual and save less money. If you are also able to notice a sudden change in his credit cards bills and less saving, then there are chances that your partner is involved in another relationship with someone else.

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