Detox Your Body With These Seven Healthy Drinks

Nowadays detoxing drinks are so much handy that you can easily buy them from any superstore. But, by preparing detoxing drinks by your own will help you to stay one step ahead in the game of a healthy body. Eating a healthy diet is one of the most essential parts for detoxing your body. But, it never gives you the assurance that it will keep toxin at bay, therefore, it becomes more important to detox your body. Besides, you tend to get in contact with numbers of harmful chemicals, junk food, pesticides and other food products which are not at all good for your body and health. Even not all the drinks are good to detox your body even some add more toxin in your body cause more harm instead of doing good. Therefore, it is always good if you switch and choose the right kind of drinks to detox your body naturally. Here we are sharing seven healthy and natural drinks to detox your body.

Orange-ginger-carrot drink: This is one of the best natural drink to detox your body. Oranges are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C. Whereas, carrots are rich in beta-carotene and fibers aiding your digestion. Ginger is good for your digestion. So, this healthy drink is a powerhouse of healthy nutrients which are good for your body and digestion. So, don’t forget to drink a healthy glass of these beneficial drink to detox your body.

Lemonade: If you are a great fan of this tangy food then we are giving you another reason to add this in your drink chart. Lemons are not only refreshing and soothing during summer, but they are a great source to detox your body. A glass of lemonade is good enough to detox your body naturally. To enhance the flavor of your favorite lemonade you can also add mint in it.  

Cucumber-mint-lemon drink: This is another very beneficial drink for all those who want to detox their body. Mint is the best ingredient to treat an upset stomach. If you club this powerful herb with cucumber and lemon then it will do wonders for you. This cooler is best to beat the heat during summer and detox your body.

Pomegranate juice: Detox your body with the goodness of healthy pomegranate. Pomegranate are not just healthy but they are good to boost your stomach system. It helps in cleansing your body naturally.

Honey-lemon-ginger tea: We in India are madly in love with tea and most of us can’t imagine a single day without a cup of tea. Ginger, honey and lemon tea is a perfect choice to start your day and detox your body.

Coconut water with lemon: You can give yourself a kick start with this wonderful drink. Drink a glass of coconut water with the zing of lemon to get the best results. It will not only gives you instant energy, but it will also help you stay healthy. This refreshing and energetic drink is the perfect choice to detox your body.

Aam Panna: This desi drink is a must try during this summer. It is not only loaded with lots of health benefits, but it is a perfect pick to keep your body cool and detox it naturally. It is made with ripe mango pulp blended with cumin, mint leaves and some other spices. It is very good for your stomach during summer.

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