Deepika Padukone And Long Trail Of Affairs

Deepika Padukone is beauty queen of Bollywood with the cutest smile. Today, she has been ranked among the top actresses of Bollywood and one of the most successful actresses as well. She has delivered many super hit movies, which have done good business on box office as well. As she is not always in the new because of her movies or role she played or her acting skills, but she remains in the news because of her affairs and relationships as well. Yes, you read it right. She is many times in the news because of her love affairs or break-ups. Presently, she is dating Ranveer Singh, but she all the time denies her relationship with him. The whole Bollywood is talking about her relationship with Ranveer Singh, but she never accepts this. Let’s take a look at the long list of the affairs of this gorgeous Bollywood diva.

Nihar Pandya: Nihar was the first boyfriend of Deepika Padukone when she shifted to Mumbai. They were in a live-in relationship for three years, before their break-up. Nobody knows the actual reason behind their break-up, but people assume it as her early success, which came in between their relationship.

Upne Patel: Upen Patel and her relationship did not last too long. But, they managed to grab the eyeballs of media and Bollywood industry as well. However, they call off their relationship too early.

Muzamil Ibrahim: They both looked great together, but as like her last relationship with Upen Patel, this relationship too did not last really long. They well in a relationship for a short time.

Yuvraj Singh: Bollywood beauties have the soft corner for the Men in Blue. Similarly, Deepika Padukone also had a soft side for the talented cricketer, Yuvraj Singh. Deepika Padukone dated this super talented batsman for quite a time. They were spotted together in many places, which gave people chance to make speculation about their relationship. But, this relationship did not last too long.

Siddharta Mallya: Deepika is the glam doll of Bollywood. She has dated many men from Bollywood to cricket world to business. Once her name was linked with businessman Vijya Mallaya’s son Siddharta Mallya. They were in this relationship for quite a long time and people were thinking that this time Deepika was too serious about her relationship with Siddharta Mallya. But, they broke off on a very sad note.

Ranbir Kapoor: This was the one of the most talked about the relationship of Deepika Padukone in Bollywood. They were one of the most talked about couple of the B-Town at that time. They were quite public about their relationship and never tried to hide their romance from the people. But, their relationship faced troubles when Ranbir took to infidelity. It was Katrina who came between the two and Ranbir left Deepika for her.

Ranveer Singh: Her relationship with Ranveer Singh is kept under secrets. Whole Bollywood and even media is busy in making speculations about her relationship with Ranveer Singh. But, this gorgeous diva was in no mood to accept her relationship with this hot man publically. However, they look madly in love with each other, but still they were not admitting it publically. In a recent Film Fare award function, she admitted her relationship with him officially.

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