8 Dating Tips All Youngsters Should Know Going On A Date

8 Dating tips all youngsters should know going on a date

Dating is not that simple as most of us assume, it is as complicated and confusing as making any important decision of your life. No matter, which age group you belong to, dating is equally complicated for all. It doesn’t matter you are in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, you always want to take the right move in your life to give a right start to a new relationship. It is the first step towards your new beginning of a relationship. But, if you know that you are on the right track and you are making the right decisions, then for sure it is all fun and very amazing thing. Here, we are sharing some important dating tips to enjoy your first date and feel amazing.

Don’t be over possessive: No matter how excited you are about your first date, but over possession is not right thing to follow on your first date. It is always good if you avoid being possessive. It is your first date, it should be more about knowing each other, sharing your thoughts and understanding each other. So, if your try to be over possessive it might be you spoil the fun of your first date.

Never try to rule: This is the first time when you are going out with him/her, so it is not the right time to rule him/her. Try to avoid ruling your partner on your first date, this is not the right thing to do. It might be if you try to be more about “I, Me, Myself” on your first date, then there are chances that you annoy the other person with this rule. Therefore, if you really want to have fun and enjoy your first date, avoid trying to rule it with your “I, ME, Myself” attitude.

Don’t negotiate: It is important that you should always remember your non-negotiable factor in mind when you are on your first date. Even we all are pretty aware of our non-negotiable factors, so keep them in mind when you are out with him/her. If you want your someone special should be non-drinker or non-smoker or someone who is well mannered and down-to-earth or something which you think is important for you, always focus on those points. Don’t hesitate to ask questions related to your non-negotiable points on your first date. If he/she is not meeting your expectations and not fitting into those parameters, it is a kind of wasting time and efforts with that person.

Choose a public place: Whenever you are planning to go on your first date, it is always better that you chose a public place to meet him/her. A well-crowded public place is always better than a non-familiar and aloof place. It will be safer to meet him/her at a public place because you are not familiar with him/her, to avoid any issue fix your first meeting at some café, restaurant, shopping mall or some similar place.

Don’t pretend: It is suggested to be natural and be you on your first date. Don’t try to pretend and fake yourself on your first date. Show him/her whatever you are. If you are not comfortable eating with fork and knife, don’t try to pretend or if you are not comfortable being sitting close with him/her, don’t hesitate to say that you are not comfortable. Faking yourself will land you in trouble in future, so avoid faking anything on your first date be it as small as eating habits.

Avoid over sharing: This is another thing of which you should be careful about when you are on your first date. It is your first date, avoid telling him each and everything about yourself. Hold something with you for your next date as well. It is good to share things with other person, but unfolding everything on the first meeting might go against you and you end up saying something, which could be used against you in the future. Therefore, it is always better to avoid the temptation to be sharing everything on your first date.

Follow body language: Body language can tell you more than what you expect the other person to tell you. Pay attention to the body language of him/her when you meet him/her. Pay attention where his/her eyes are moving and going, how he/she is making gestures with hands. It can tell you more than what he/she is telling you verbally. Is he/he leaning towards you or he/she is sitting laid back and similar things can tell you about his/her interest level and can give you a kind of indication about the future of your relationship and possibilities of next meetings.

It is not your marriage meeting: Always remember that you are not on your marriage meeting, this is your first date only. Avoid being too modest and over protective about things. You are not here because you are going to marry him after this meeting, so be natural and be comfortable on your first meeting. Be at ease and have fun on your first date as this not a formal meeting where both the families are involved and you don’t want to go wrong. So, forget about all the worries and enjoy your date.


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