Are You Dating A Man-child? Some Signs To Notice

Are you dating a man-child? A man-child is someone who behaves immaturely. We all don’t mind that at times our partner behaves like a grown-up kid and do some kiddish things to add some spice in routine life. But, you will never appreciate this if your partner is behaving like a grown-up kid and you are expected to behave maturely always. A balanced relationship is something, when you support each other emotionally and behave like a strong support for your partner. Any relationship can’t be successful if one person behaves immaturely and other is expected to adjust with his tantrums always. We are here sharing some signs to identify that you are in a relationship with a man-child.

Ask my mom: Whenever he is in trouble, he wants to do something or make any decision he just runs to his mother for seeking advice. For every single thing and decision, he turns to his parents and especially his mother. There is no harm in seeking the advice from parents, but too much dependency on parents is not really a good thing for anyone. Being a mature person you should be capable of making your own decisions.

Very impulsive: He is very impulsive and never thinks much before doing anything. Rather, most of the time he just does things without giving a second thought. But, he just pretends that he is too spontaneous and too eager to experiment new things. This ends up landing you in trouble and you find him doing silly things all the time.

Obsessed with gaming: He is too obsessed with gaming, animation, animated movies and Youtube. His obsession is beyond your tolerance. Most of the time you find him glued to his games and animated movies and such other similar stuff. You find him more occupied with all such stuff.

You can’t trust him for daily chores: You can’t give him any responsibility related to daily chores. You find that he messed up everything or he failed badly in managing things. You even can’t trust him doing small things related to daily chores. In other words, you are the only one who is responsible for handling and managing everything at home.

Never ready for commitment: When you start any serious conversation he just back-off. Most of the time, he just ends up saying, “let’s talk something else, or not again please”. He is never ready to make any commitment or never in a mood to make any future plans. He always tries to escape from any serious conversation.

Makes false promises: Most of the time, he just makes false promises. He never keeps his promises or even tries to keep his promise. Generally, when you remind him of his promise he just ends up saying that he never made such promise or he doesn’t remember any such thing.

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