Super Tips To Convince Your Parents For Your Love Marriage

Are you in a strong relationship with someone and planning to take the next step? Do you want that your parents will accept your relationship and allow you to marry your love? Are you not very sure that your parent will accept him/her? Before you disclose it to your parents, try to convince them for your love marriage, it is important you are very confident and sure about this relationship. If you are in doubt, it is better to wait for some more time or think about it for some more time, but, if you are very confident and sure about this relationship, then only try to convince your parents for this relationship. Try these sure shot convincing tips to convince your parents for your love marriage.

Wait for the right moment: Before you initiate your talk with your parents, wait for the right moment. It is really important to start this conversation when they are in good mood. If they are irritated, annoyed or tensed, there are chances that they will disapprove or say no to your relationship.

Tell they why you love her/him so much: It is important that you tell them why you love her/him so much. What are the best qualities of your partner? Why you love him or her so much? What made you fall in love with him/her? It will make them understand the reasons why you love him so much and how important he/she is for you.

Give them examples: It is also important that before you force or convince them for your relationship give them some background or some living examples. If someone in your family has already done love marriage and they are happy in that relationship, give them their example about that marriage. So, it will help them to understand that love marriage is not a bad thing.

Talk to your grand parents/relatives: If you think that your grand parents or any of your uncle/aunty can talk to them and help you in convincing them then you should take their help. There is no harm in taking their help if you want to make them understand your point better.

Don’t talk to anti-love marriage people: Don’t let them talk to such people who are against love marriage or who don’t support the idea of love marriage. If your parents will tell them about your relationship, then there are chances that they will try to convince your parents that it is not a good idea. They should not accept this relationship and give them numerous reasons to say no to your relationship.

Fix casual meeting: To let your parents know the qualities of your parents and how good he/she is, it is better you fix their casual meeting. Invite your partner at your home for some lunch or dinner or plan a dinner or lunch or coffee meeting in some restaurant. At times, a personal meeting can help in knowing each other better. Ask them to meet him/her, but don’t try to force them for the meeting. If they ask for some time, then accept their wish and wait for some more time.

You both are ready for compromises: Tell them that you both have analyzed different points before taking this decision. You both are ready for different adjustments, compromises, and sacrifices in the future. You know this fact very well that no marriage can survive without adjustments and compromises.

Never say yes to marriage with someone else: Always keep this in mind that you should never say yes to meet someone else or to marry someone else under any pressure. No matter, what they will tell you to convince you to say no to marriage. If they are against your marriage, then they will try to convince you to say no to him/her with different reasons, stay firm on your decision.

Don’t plead or beg: This is not the right thing to do to convince your parents. Don’t plead or beg to your parents, do it in a dignified way. It is important that you try to convince them in a very smart and bold way. But, keep this in mind that you don’t yelled or fight with them as well. Talk to them and put your point strongly rather than fight it a loud.

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