Consider 6 Things Before Saying “I Love You”

Love is a very strong feeling and you feel great when you are in love. You always want to be with your partner and don’t want to miss even a single opportunity to say “ I LoveYou”. But, before saying this to your partner and revealing your true feelings, are you sure about this feeling? Do you think that it is love only? Are you sure that you want to take this relationship to next level? Love is not just a feeling, but also a big responsibility. It is easy to say “I Love You”, but it takes a lot of courage, strength, and maturity to stick to your decision and stand for it. If you are also confused before admitting this aloud and saying these three golden words to your partner, here we are sharing six important things to consider before you say “ I Love You”.

Are you serious about this relationship?: Are you really serious about this relationship and your partner? Do you think that you can face anything and everything for him/her? If you think that you don’t need more time to think about it and you can take any stand for your love then go ahead and reveal your heart.

Have you spent enough time together?: This is another important thing to consider before you take such an important step. Do you think that you have spent enough time together? If you think that you know each other well and you can trust him/her, then you can take this step. Love is not the matter of a day or so, but something really important and big. After this, you will enter into a new lifelong relationship. Therefore, you should be conscious enough before you say something to him/her.

Will you able to sacrifice?: Are you ready to sacrifice a lot of things for him/her? If you are taking a serious step in your relationship, then it needs more commitment, time, sacrifice and above all a strong willpower to stick to your decision under any circumstances. To grow in a relationship, you need to nurture it. A serious relationship will increase the expectation of your partner from you are you able to handle such high expectations from him/her. So, before moving ahead, think about these points.

Can you disclose this to your family?: Do you think that you will be able to disclose this to your family? How your family will react to your decision? Do you think that they will understand and accept your decision? What will you do if they will not accept your decision? Think well about all such questions. If you think that you can take any stand and go to any extreme for your relationship, then only say those beautiful words to him/her, else just hold your emotions.

Can you handle NO?: What will you do if he/she will say no? Are you mentally that strong to handle NO in a very positive manner? If you think that you can handle no from him/her easily and it will not affect you much emotionally, then it is fine to take this stand. If you think that you will not be shattered and depressed after rejection, then you can reveal your feeling. Love is not something, which you can force on someone, but a mutually agreed emotion and relationship. So, before telling your thoughts to him/her think about other aspects as well.


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