Choose The Right Bridal Dress Based Your Zodiac Sign

A wedding is one of the biggest affairs of once life and even the most expensive one as well. Buying a wedding lehenga for a would be bride is one of the most complicated and important things. Being a future bride, you want your wedding dress to be unique and stunning. You never want to buy a wedding dress, which is similar to your friend or to your cousin or someone else. You always look for a wedding lehenga, which is specially designed for you matching your personality and style. While buying a lehenga you should keep a few things in mind like fabric, work, embroidery, design and most importantly the color combination of the lehenga. A perfect color of the lehenga can make your lehenga stunning and gorgeous. Here, we are sharing the perfect bridal dress colors based on your zodiac signs.

Arise: Aries is sign of strength and courage. Women born under this zodiac sign are considered as brave, strong-minded and fierce. Therefore, the perfect color matching their personality and style is Red. This color is very bold and beautiful, shows strength and energy. So, if you are born under this sun sign and planning to buy your wedding dress, then buy something in red or in a combination of red.

Taurus: All women who are born under this zodiac sign should buy their wedding dress in Pink, Cream or White color. These are the perfect colors according to their nature and zodiac traits. Taurus women are down-to-earth and sophisticated. Therefore, these colors are the best for them.

Gemini: People who are born under this zodiac sign are fun loving and love to socialize with people. They love to spend time with people and remain socially active. The best colors matching their personality traits are dark shades of Green as it is the symbol of expansion and creativity. Other colors, which are just perfect for them are Red and Golden. So, if you don’t want to buy something in Green, then you can consider Red and Golden as well.

Cancer: This zodiac sign is ruled by moon and people born under this zodiac sign are very emotional. The perfect colors for their wedding attire are shades of Blue, White and Green. So pick a color you feel will suit you most.

Leo: Women who are born under this sign are best known as creative, confident and warm-hearted. The perfect wedding dress colors for such warm-hearted people are Orange, Golden and Silver.

Virgo: Virgo people are very intelligent and shy people. The best colors matching their personality traits are Peach, Light Blue and Light Pink. If you want to buy something in pastel shades, consider those shades as well.

Libra: The people who are born under this sun sign are peace loving and have high tolerance capacity. The perfect colors according to their personality are Deep Blue and Ivory.

Scorpio: Scorpio is passionate zodiac sign. The colors that are best suited to their personality and traits are Red, Maroon, Orange and Purple. These colors match their secretive and emotional personality well.

Sagittarius: The people who are born under this zodiac sign are known as optimistic, full of energy and eagerness. If you are born under this sun sign, the best-suited colors for your bridal dress are Yellow and Pink.

Capricorn: They are very practical and ambitious people. They are very down to earth and grounded people. To match the temperament and personality traits of these people, pick something in Beige, Brown and Skin Tone color.

Aquarian: Aquarian people are very sensitive and emotional. If you are an Aquarian buy your bridal lehenga in Purple and Dark Blue.

Pisces: They are very friendly and generous people. They love to help others and don’t mind going out of the way to help others. The best color matching their personality traits is Yellow.

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